10 ways to improve the position in Google

10 ways to improve the position in Google

10 ways to improve the position in Google


Google is the most popular search engine in the world today. Today, this search engine became dominant for finding information on the Internet. That’s why, as the owner of the website You want Your site was high up in the search results.


Google is constantly changing and evolving, so You need to be aware of all innovations. For example, a recent algorithm change named Panda has caused many websites sudden drop positions.


Google’s mission is to provide information of the highest quality for each user request. And this is the main principle on which this system is based ponikva.


To improve the ranking of Your site, there are many things You should do and many that do not. About them below.


1. Do not clutter the site with advertising


If you “mess” or clutter is, it can lower the position of the ranking. Google considers excess advertising sign “bad” website. And remember, Google’s mission is to raise the sites useful for the user to the top of search results.


2. Toolbar Google Webmaster


It is very important to have an account in Google Webmaster, as this panel has all the variety of features that will help You to improve your position in the results. The Google toolbar can help control the position of a page, and you will find the sites to which You refer, or sites that link to You.


3. Relevant and quality content


One of the most important things that you need to do for search engine optimization is providing quality content with relevant keywords which you want is in the search results.


Quality is always more effective than quantity so don’t place a ton of low quality articles on your website. Make sure that the articles You publish, relevant to the theme of Your website and contain useful information.


4. The Google +1 Button


By registering in Google Plus and adding a Google + button to your website, You can also raise its position in the results. As the level of significance and usefulness of Your website is one of the key points that Google takes into account when ranking. The more pluses You get, the more interest users will notice Google and the higher you will rise in search results.


5. Become a blogger


If You haven’t already, add a blog to their website. Blogging is an extremely effective way to raise your position in Google, as the blog is useful in two things.


First, Your site will be added many pages of relevant, high-quality, rich keywords content will be noticed by Google. The more quality pages proindeksirovana, the more chances You have to be on the first page. And secondly, a blog can increase the number of quality backlinks to Your website.


6. Quality inbound links


Quality inbound links is a great way to achieve importance in the eyes of search engines. The webmaster leaving comments on blogs of high quality – in some way performs this task. Always use rich keywords posts and use relevant keywords for your links.


7. Social network


As with many aspects of Internet marketing, social networks play an important role in SEO. Be active on their social media pages. Don’t let them lose their novelty. Participate in discussions regularly post new information and attract visitors.


8. Keyword analysis


Keywords play an important role in search optimization, but using the wrong keywords can do more harm than good. Be sure to explore the keywords to understand what search phrases people used to find Your website. Google offers a keyword tool called Google Keyword Tool. This free tool will give You a list of keywords and tell you how often they are requested by the user.


9. Hidden text


Hidden text is text that appears on Your website the search engine robots, but invisible to visitors. The most common way to do this is to set the font and background the same color. This is done in order to add a large number of keywords for the search engines, without making the content seem pereizbytochen for its visitors. Don’t do it. Google recognizes this manipulation and may penalize Your website.


10. Bad links


Incoming and outgoing links can be helpful if You follow the proper predpisaniyam. Do not refer to everything.Be very selective and cite only those sites that match Your topic and contain quality content. Stay away from sites like “Linkfarm” – sites that contain huge amount of useless links.


Regularly check your links to make sure they are not broken. It is also desirable to contact poor quality sites, and sites that contain spam. A few years ago the number would have helped You to rise, but now we are talking only about the quality of the links on the right websites, and NOT the quantity.


Getting high rankings in Google is the goal of every webmaster. This can be achieved, but You have to be consistent and not to lag behind developing algorithms of Google search.


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