19-Year-old Makes all the hardships 49 Days at Sea, then floating Snowdrifts on GUAM

19-Year-old Makes all the hardships 49 Days at Sea, then floating Snowdrifts on GUAM


One of the biggest tasks of the work Of Aldi Roman Adilanga was to be boring, as a single guard of a wooden fishing hut in the sea. Instead of this, he was obliged to live more than a month in the ocean, subsequently, such as his hut faded pier and swam from Indonesia to the waters around GUAM.


In the direction of 49 days Aldi endured all the hardships, stretching their own poor supplies, according to reports, eating fish and partly to intensive sea water. He lived on Board the floating huts entitled romping, more than 77 miles off the coast of Indonesia. But the track mounting isolated hut snapped in high winds by turning the Aldi in Castaway.


Not having the ability to steer or steer the massive raft that carried his hut, Aldi, 19, drifted through the blue waters of the Quiet ocean. A small hut sat on a rectangular wooden platform and was protected by a thatched roof. Inside he had a walkie-talkie, a small stove and a generator. Aldi’s food, water and fuel supplies were to last only a week.


“Subsequently, such as he finished cooking gas, he burned wood fences rompong, in order to dilute the flame for food production,” said Mirza Nurhidayat, Consul General of Indonesia in Osaka, Japan, quoted by the Jakarta Post. “He drank while sipping water from his clothes that had been soaked with sea water.”


Passing by the ship, under the Panamanian flag MV Arpeggio, in the end, rescued Aldi, removing the proceeds on the open water, in which the victim made a reckless crash jump in order to try to grab the rope thrown from the cargo ship. Arpeggio rushed to Japan, and just went there Aldi, before that, in the end, to return home at the beginning of this month.




Aldi had a six-month contract to be present in the floating hut, and his key duty was to light the lamps in order to interest the fish at night. He had individual contact with people only one a week, when he brought fresh supplies. But later its mooring line broke on 14th July, he sailed a hundred and quite possibly thousand miles.


“Aldi said, in fact, that he was scared and often whimpered, floating with the flow,” – said “Post” Fajar Firdaus, a politician representation in Osaka. “Any time he saw a huge ship,” he said, ” it was full of hope, but more than 10 ships sailed past him, none of them stopped and did not notice Aldi.”


Actually that was modified subsequently arpeggio was held past him as Aldi managed to dial his radio on the frequency of the vessel with support. His news of the disaster – “support in support” – reached the head assistant to the captain of the cargo ship Emmanuel Soriano, who told captain Narciso Santillana, who ordered the ship to change direction for the rescue operation.





As the video of the meeting demonstrates, the cargo ship surpassed the fish hut. It took 4 passes, so that the ship got close enough to take Aldi, without being threatened by a wood raft. In order to get to the deck, a young man was obliged to cling to the lifeline in the water, before that than grab the lower steps of the wooden stairs, so that the crew had the opportunity to take it out of the rolling ocean.managed to stand, including managing a weak grin when someone made an offer of a handshake. Other items 1 need to be guided from the set of clothes, the haircut, which gave the ship’s cook, reported the Post.


Subsequently arriving at the Japanese port of Tokuyama in September. 6, Aldi had a chance to do even 1 night on a cargo ship. There were fears on the pretext of probable honey quarantine, and civil servants rushed to issue for him travel papers that would allow him to land in the land of the rising sun. After that he went from Osaka to Tokyo, then flew to Jakarta, and before that, in the end, returned home.


on Sept. 9, Aldi returned to his own family in Northern Sulawesi, an Indonesian province whose Islands form the Eastern ring of the sea of Celebes. The state mission in Osaka has placed a photo of a young man with relatives in the coastal metropolis of Manado.





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