20 questions for an aspiring businessman

20 questions for an aspiring businessman

1. Can you list three main problems that will solve your future business? Is it really a problem? Your potential customers really suffer from them?


2. How your business will solve these problems? Describe in one sentence.


3. Can we say that your business improves or facilitate someone’s life? You assume that the people you will turn to when they have a problem or you are going to contact them, to explain to them what they have a problem and help to solve it?


4. If your city were a large Corporation, that would solve the same problems as you (maybe it already is), why do You think people turned to you?


5. Suppose, for example, how many customers out of 100 would pay you for a solution to this problem? And how much they would be willing to give?


6. If You were wealthy, but very frugal person, you yourself would appeal to the person you like?


7. What will happen in your business that will make people come back again and again? Describe it, avoiding platitudes such as “we will provide quality products and good service”.


8. Can you clearly describe two or three categories of your customers? How many of them you will have only in the worst case? Where will you find them?


9. If you had to sell your services to your company personally (which it probably will), could in a few words to describe what you want them to do to the following people: your mother, your very elderly grandmother, my best friend, seven year old Kolya from next door, to our President, an unfamiliar housewife from Naryan-Mar, big banker, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a Tibetan monk and hurrying in the subway, a man stopped you by the hand. Suppose their answers. Suppose their main objections. Whether all of them understand what they need to pay you?


10. List 3 unique features / services / things that will (have) in your business (the project) and which are not from your estimated (or real) competitors?


11. Can a client start working with you after a single phone call (i.e. no contracts, no visits to the office, meetings, etc.)?


12. If your customers the ability to check you in for free? For example, to try to work with you without spending a dime?


13. Do you know personally 10 people who agree to pay you the first 10 contracts?


14. Do you like your (alleged or real) office, what he looks like, how to look your employees, your site and yourself? It is pleasant to you and your staff to deal with? (remember the skepticism, don’t be fooled!)


15. How quickly do you expect to work? Will accelerate if the use your company’s solution to the problem of the client or “variants” and “it will depend on many factors”?


16. Whether your company your style of communication with clients or for a client working with you will be similar to using any other similar company?


17. What do You think, will your customers excited to tell their friends about your company? How about your company will see new clients?


18. Do you have a business plan in which you are involved and have calculated all possible costs? How much have you added for contingencies? You gave an analysis of the most risky factors? A sensitivity analysis? And break-even analysis?


19. Do You know what you will do when you spend all the money you have, and yet you did not appear? Describe the sequence of your actions.


20. Write very clearly, how much You want to run this business. Do not write about the causes, occasions, reasons, and profitability. Listen to your feelings and write only about your attitude. Re-read in the morning and through the week.


20 questions for an aspiring businessman

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