5 simple ways to get yourself to work

5 simple ways to get yourself to work

The more holidays, the more effort it takes to get yourself back to work. On vacation we get used to another rhythm, other pursuits and goals. I want to go back on your favorite sofa, TV, fun entertainment and friendly meetings. How to get rid of this tempting laziness?


The problem of motivation and self-discipline worried about a variety of people. And those who feel life deprived of luck, and especially those who are accustomed to succeed, and relying on our own strength, the so-called people’s self-made (self-made).


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Surprisingly, to us, all so different, prevent working exactly the same things: laziness, fear, zasypnye social networks, good weather and vibrant in mind. The only difference is that one can’t throw all aside and meet Napoleon’s plans, while others always have in stock a couple of techniques of how to force yourself to work and achieve success.


Yes, today is no motivation anywhere. In fact, every action we take something dictated. And when there is a desire to sit back and do nothing, it is necessary to use certain levers to force myself to work. So, what prevents us to act and how to overcome?




A motto of his life have long made famous the saying, “afraid of wolves – in the woods not to go.” “Why am I going to do it, if still does not work?” – familiar excuse that we often used to justify their own inaction. But only one who clearly sees the light at the end of the tunnel, will be able to reach the goal. And the one who sees only the dark tunnel and won’t budge, constantly contemplating his fears.


Oddly enough, but in some cases it is important just to operate, albeit desperately, mindlessly, fearlessly, not looking at the ground and looking forward. Don’t be afraid to set goals and not fulfill them. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes – they are taught how and where to go next. In addition, in the first days after the holidays you are unlikely to wait for some special victories.




In this case, you must create yourself the conditions in which “no work” simply will not work. Remember how easy and quick you can redo all the things when burning a bright flame.


Set yourself deadlines for yourself, and even better – promise to their partners, relatives, friends to do business by a certain date. It would seem, so what is promised and not fulfilled. But psychologists argue that the feeling of shame from failure publicly promised has one of the strongest influences on a person, the method promises great help to move the business forward.




If you have to daily get up at the crack of dawn and trudge on grimly to the work that has long been secretly hate, the output from such a difficult situation begs one to go in search of your favourite pastime. I believe that accounting is not created for mutual love, and to find a common language with systems programming can only be a sad geek? Nonsense!


Surely in your community there are a couple of accountants who with special care to reduce the debit with the credit, and familiar to the programmers that the soul is not fer in their assemblers, interfaces and controllers. Happy people! Do you remember Lucian from “Amelie”, which gently wrap each fruit, as if it were the most fragile things in the world? So he showed his respect for the work and to customers. Love your work, because when I work with pleasure – everything else fades into the background.




Remember that laziness is valid only when the process of “doing nothing” for you is much more pleasant than the anticipation of the result of the work. Motivate yourself to work simple and proven method – blackmail. Will not carry out the plan this week will not receive a prize, and if you do not receive the award – not buy brand new shoes.


This method of blackmail is still good in sports, when the fear to appear during the imminent summer vacation in a bad way drives hundreds and thousands of domesetic to the gym for a beautiful and slim body. The wait and anticipation of the stunning result is a great pill from sentencesto.




When at home waiting for the ruddy pies, and in the movie the last premiere, Willy-nilly, turning their eyes in these directions. And you can’t look at the computer screen or do something else. At such moments, the visualization of a different kind will help to get back to work. Let’s say you only want to relax. And it needs to make money. So, post a photo of the place, where have fixed your dreams. And often refer to it. So the incentive to work will appear.




It is also important to understand that laziness can be fleeting. It comes and goes by itself and it so happens that to deal with it is not necessary. Good film day with a good book, a Cup of coffee with a friend – and as if a new breath is felt in life.




And finally, here’s another little trick you can use right here and now! Take the alarm clock and use it for 15 minutes. During this time do the job without any distractions or criticizing yourself and not thinking about how to do it. Just do your job until then, until will not sound the alarm.


As soon as you hear the treasured signal to stop work and take a little break, and at the signal again, come back to it. This game mode will help to restore the rhythm and worker passion without sacrifice.


5 simple ways to get yourself to work

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