7 practical ways to free the mind from unnecessary thoughts

7 practical ways to free the mind from unnecessary thoughts

1. Write down everywhere.


Do not have to carry a notebook. It can be anything that helps to capture a spontaneous idea – a text reminder in your phone, write a receipt, a recorded voice in MP3 player. All thoughts can be useful later, but for now will only disturb others, but when it really becomes necessary, you already do not remember.


2. Summarize at the end of the week.


No matter how it sounded officious, it helps to put everything in its place, to clearly see the achievements and identify gaps and means to address them.


3. Count the prospects.


Develop the ability to formulate for themselves long-term goals and intentions. A clear idea of the end result helps to organize short-term aspirations. This immediately clears the head.


4. Get used daily to improve life.


Every day you receive a huge amount of information that can completely clog your brain. Don’t put off small jobs (like deleting unnecessary emails), then it will take a little time but will save a lot.


5. Realize what you’re doing.


To sit down and to imagine a long-term and short-term prospects, pertinent to the case – like why you’re doing it and what you should have and what you want to obtain is a good results in order thought, and so good for you.


6. Use the sequence of actions that will help you to clearly articulate goals and objectives, and to include those concepts which can provide additional food for thought and ideas. This is a great opportunity to weed out unnecessary thoughts and clutter of unnecessary questions.


7. Think about it, everything is fixed.


All of these recommendations are meaningless if the writing idea or sketched algorithm, you won’t consider it from all sides. Then you’ll have thoughts about these matters, and return again to their “monkeys”.


7 practical ways to free the mind from unnecessary thoughts

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