Expert in the field of leadership Dan McCarthy names several of the powers of the leader, which should not be delegated to anyone:


1. The concept and vision of development. This is the first responsibility of a leader, so don’t even need to attempt to give direction to someone else. Of course, to attract colleagues to discuss and develop the concept need to have a shared vision of where to go. But final approval is the work of a leader.


2. Employment decisions. Often the managers are overly dependent on HR managers, HR specialists. But, according to Dan McCarthy, the reception in the company talent is one of the most important things a Manager can do myself in order to be successful. Yes, the search process can and should delegate, but then it’s already your job. Only you will be able to obtain from the candidate information that is valuable and important for your business.


3. Praise and evaluation of employees. The leaders for the recognition of effective employee performance should be periodically sincerely and personally thank them for their evaluation, and not constantly delegate this direction to his assistants.


4. Motivation. The leader must create a motivational atmosphere in the team, and not someone else.


5. The locomotive changes. A leader must not only participate, but to lead major changes in the company. To create a new vision in a changed environment is the role of the leader. Delegating this work may lead to the fact that something will go wrong.


6. Reorganization. As in the previous paragraph, we are talking about what a leader is supposed to lead all the reorganizations at the company, Department, team. Again, as in the case of the other items on the list, involving others in these processes is very good. But hardly anyone able to objectively reorganize themselves: that a leader must make tough decisions that nobody wants to take on.


7. “Training” a new employee. Of course, the direct Manager or senior officer needs first to mark the newcomer. It needs to play an active role in the newcomer quickly came up to speed, understand the projects that are underway, met with a client base that, by the way, it is convenient to do using the CRM system “Simple business”. But you as a Manager should be aware of all the discreet monitoring this process.



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