A Family Man Trailer #1 (2017)


His profession is scrupulous and requires extraordinary thinking. The bounty hunter must have an excellent understanding of people so that they can later work for the benefit of the hiring company. Recruiting valuable employees into big corporations takes Dane all the time, but he’s not representing his life in a different way. He loves his job, gives her all the strength, seeks to achieve high career performance. Working conditions only contribute to this, but here it is impossible without competition. When to top positions remains a step in the arena has a rival, determined to beat the Dane. A man is not ready to give up his place so easily, so the confrontation will be serious. He wants to conquer the business Olympus, but the next job threatens to destroy his family. Will have a difficult choice — the big money or the lives of his loved ones.


The problem is that in pursuit of his career, he abandoned his family. Wife and attitude have not folded, they lost the love, or rather, the man left her for the ambition and principles. He seeks to observe its own rules, forgetting about being near people. Yes, he was on the list of the best employees, but lost his family warmth, home comfort, does not notice the world around him. The lack of attention and education also affects children, whom he practically does not see. He thinks that money will replace the family of a father and a husband, but he forgot about the part in their lives. There are very few — the last task, and he reaches the highest stage, but unexpected news drives him into a stupor. His 10-year-old son is ill, the boy has cancer, very soon he can die. Dave is very needed for his child, but the last job is very important for his work. Here it is necessary to make a difficult choice — to throw all forces to work or fully devote himself to a dying son, for whom he is a stranger. Between them, quite a complex relationship, so that everything can be easily forgotten and set up something new, but he will try and find a way out of the dramatic situation.

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