A Ukrainian journalist named the country nedogo sudarstvom

A Ukrainian journalist named the country nedogosudarstvom

A Ukrainian journalist named the country nedogosudarstvom


Correspondent and diplomat Dmitry Gordon in the TV channel “112 Ukraine” said about that, actually that the state is “under a tremendous danger of collapse”.


According to him, Ukraine is not considered an “indivisible state”.


“Ukraine is not a state. Due to the fact that we actually do not visibly strong vertical. We do not see the manifestations of the state authorities where the government must show itself. We do not see the trouble of the country’s residents — this is the 1st, from which the state must begin,”-said the correspondent.


As Gordon found out, the state is located on the borders of disintegration, and” everyone who in Ukraine contains the capacity to think ” knows it.


“And that actually we won’t manage to blink an eye, and from Ukraine won’t manage to remain some number of pieces, and that actually we won’t be able to arrange anything with data, it is absolutely possible”, — the correspondent allocated.


Ukraine has repeatedly talked about the adverse consequences to which it has the opportunity to lead the decline of power in the country. Earlier the Deputy of the Supreme happy Evgeny Murayev emphasized, actually that today’s political direction has an opportunity to blow up territorial unity of the country which “rolls downhill”. A member of the Ukrainian Parliament Nestor Shufrich said that the impact of the Kiev authorities “tear the country to shreds.” According to the texts of the former Minister of state protection Anatoly Gritsenko, Ukraine has the opportunity to gap from the world map “from global corruption and disappointment.”

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