American Assassin Trailer #1 (2017)


Mitch RAPP is happy with his life and preparing for a wedding with the chosen one of his heart. Shortly before the solemn event, the couple decides to go to the beach and fully enjoy a Sunny day. But suddenly among vacationers appear careless people with guns, and opened fire on the terrified townspeople. A deadly bullet hits the girl Mitch. Coping with the shock of losing his beloved, the young man decides to take revenge, buys a sniper rifle and goes in search of villains.


This activity immediately draws the attention of the CIA: senior management believes that such abilities can serve not only personal interests, but also for the benefit of society. The young man is wanted and recruited as an agent. But the Deputy Director Irene Kennedy believes that training guy is insufficient for major surgery, and sends it to the veteran of cold war Hurley for training. Obsessed with hatred of terrorists RAPP shows good results, but his teacher argues that emotions only interfere in performing tasks. But soon the training will have to be interrupted: the attackers committed a number of attacks on civilian and military facilities. Now the newly appeared mercenary needs to be prevented from the Third world war…

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