American creates from cute pokemon horrible monsters

American creates from cute pokemon horrible monsters №1

American designer David Szilagy creates nightmarish monsters – Creepy Pokemon. The first monster he painted in may of 2016 and since then can not stop.


Beautiful, cheerful Ponyta becomes a zombie horse with cracked skin and a toothy jaw that she was “posing” imaginary photographer in the background decomposed to the bone monster. Sloupok with clouded eyes looking though the camera lens, breaking away from the bloody meal. Gengar, and quite scary character from pokemon” appears in the image of the devil with fiery eyes and sharp fangs, under whose feet crunch of the skull.


– At first, I’ve created a monster, but every time I something did not suit, says David Metro. – Worked by trial and error. But one day I came across the book “Scary stories tell in the dark”. I loved illustrations of Stephen Gammell. I’ve studied them, I liked this style – black-and-white tones, the expectation of something mysterious, bound to the veins of the body, attention to detail, to torn flesh. So Ivysaur. I showed it to my friends, everyone liked it, they wanted to continue the feast. Then I drew a Bulbasaur, and liked it even more. I began to write in social networks and asked when will Evie, Pikachu, Gengar. In the end I decided that I would do all the Pokémon – 151 image.


David creates his evil toon, inspired by all that is thematically suited to his project. For example, he helped work of Keith Thompson, the author of paintings about monsters and the walking dead.


– He shared his professional skills, for example, talked about his film “Creature from Pripyat,” recalls David. Over time, the knowledge that I received, began to affect my work. In them I used the barbed wire, hanging bodies, destroyed vehicles, everything that affects the imagination. I realized that my terrible pokemon need to be thought out, believable world with its own history, otherwise my pictures would be just a terrible set of monsters, with no content, and history. I began to do the mental work, when there was Psyduck and Goldak. It was then that I began to write stories about Creepy and Terrifying Pokemon Kanto. Liked it so much my followers that one of them is in the comments he was making up stories for my creatures!


According to the American, he became a designer six years ago and since then actively uses Photoshop in his work. He told me how creates masterpieces.


– At first I thought the concept for his latest work, write a story for her, says David. – For a basis we take pictures of these pokemon, as well as derive something from the work of Stephen Gammell, Specified ito, various video games. Sometimes I just start with a “blank canvas”, waiting to connect imagination. In other instances, copying parts of previous work and draw on top of them. A rough digital sketch, and I slowly begin to study it, think over the background, then deal with the details – shadows, light sources, all of this is taking into account the concept of horror that is up to you. Then the work starts with small details – for example, paint cracked skin, eyes, pupils, a pile of skulls and so on. My brain is all the time confined to finding ways to bring more horror in your art!

American creates from cute pokemon horrible monsters

American creates from cute pokemon horrible monsters

American creates from cute pokemon horrible monsters

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