Analysis of competitors in Yandex Direct

What will Yandex Direct manual analysis show?

How to check contextual advertising in Yandex, we will consider in our article. There are special tools for the analysis of an advertising campaign in Yandex Direct. Moreover, it makes sense to study the working methods of competing resources both during the work process and before the announcement itself. This will help to avoid possible mistakes and gain competitive advantages.


Manual verification of contextual advertising

The most popular method is to manually check ads in the search results for several basic queries of your subject. Such analysis of competitors in Yandex Direct is performed as follows:


  1. In the service selection of words Yandex.Wordstat identify suitable key phrases. Select a few high-frequency and medium-frequency phrases with additional words (to, with their hands, etc.). If you already have ready advertisements, then from the list of your “keys” choose the most interesting. Manual check-it’s not fast, but because a large list of words you do not have enough strength and patience.
  2. In search string enter alternately selected phrases, and analyze ads that are displayed on the page. Usually they are 7 pieces: 3 top and 4 bottom. If you see a smaller number of ad units, or they do not quite fit the topic, then either you have a mistake in the search bar, or your subject refers to low-frequency, and the analysis of competitors in contextual advertising is not necessary. In all other cases it is necessary to study the text of the advertisement.
  3. See how your ad titles and text are composed. Compare with yours. If everyone has followed the path “the main key is the title”, stand out – add this” key ” useful for potential customers information. If the headlines are selling, consider how you can attract people and try to briefly mention your main advantage in the text. Perhaps it’s the bonuses, gifts, discounts, although lower prices should not be abused. Maybe additional services or utility.
  4. Note the presence of icons next to the ads. The text with the icon looks more noticeable, and the brand becomes more recognizable.
  5. Compare the text of the description. Review yours. Here it is necessary briefly to give the maximum information. Do not forget to fill in the contact details and other information fields. This will make your ad more “voluminous”, it will become more visible.

What will Yandex Direct manual analysis show?

Check the site positions in search engines Yandex and Google

You’ll know who you’re competing with. Explore the features and possible errors in the preparation of advertising and website creation. What else will you get:


  • You will find the “inappropriate requests“. If you are looking for resources that sell goods in Moscow, and you see an ad in the list from St. Petersburg, the advertising campaign contains an error. Similarly: in the issuance of the phrase “buy socks” there is a Council on “knitting socks” means that someone spends money on inappropriate words. Learn from other people’s mistakes-remove inappropriate ” keys “and fill in your list of”stop words”. Often due to the fact that an important word is forgotten to be added to this list, advertising receives inappropriate impressions.
  • Preliminary estimate the budget and opportunities. Look at the issuance of high-frequency phrases. Evaluate how large companies are advertised for them. If your competitors Yandex Direct-huge stores and retail chains, then get ready for a very high cost or specify the list of “keys”, forgetting for a while about high-frequency. Large coverage of low-frequency may be more effective, as the cost of clicking is low, and the accuracy of the wording cuts off non-targeted impressions.
  • Explore competing sites. Feel free to follow the project links. If competing resources – reputable large stores and portals with thoughtful usability, high quality full of useful information, the website is the business card for a free engine it makes no sense to even pay for the advertising. People evaluate not only the ads, but also the quality of the resource on which they were placed. And they subconsciously to projects in which invested a lot of effort and money, trust is always higher. It also makes sense to spy on interesting findings and chips. The most interesting in a slightly modified form can be used.
  • Learn the keywords of competitors in Direct. The most common keywords used are those written in tags. They can be seen in the source code of resources and create their own SEO-core, using ready-made developments. The exception is when ads are built on low frequencies. But there is not enough manual analysis of contextual advertising, special tools are required.

The pros of manual monitoring of contextual advertising – a complete lack of charge and a live presentation. You get acquainted with the projects of similar subjects, study them, you can creatively take advantage of the knowledge. Minus-the combination of significant time costs with a small amount of information on key phrases, prices, budget options and other parameters.


Online service learning competitors – one of the popular services that are used to learn the competitors in Yandex.Direct. For starters, it is necessary to understand how the system works. Developed its company Neuron, which is the author of a plugin that increases the efficiency of search. This software add-in is installed at more than 500 thousand users of Runet. In addition to helping the user himself, the plugin collects real information about key phrases in search engines and advertisements displayed to users.


Analysis of competitors in Yandex Direct

The service allows you to explore:


  • What sites were shown by search engines for your needs;
  • By what combinations of words were shown ads associated with a specific domain name, and on what is shown in the search results;
  • Existing effective ads and key phrases for the chosen theme (this takes into account ad with a high number of clicks).

With the help of the service, you can quickly gather a list of the main competing resources. To study how the selected project is advertised, to learn the keywords of competitors in Yandex Direct, and for free, to determine the most and least effective of them (by the number of clicks).


On the basis of the received data you will be able to create a SEO core from scratch or make changes to your advertising campaign.


Most of the information provides for free. But if you need a complete list of keywords competitors in Direct, you can get reports in Excel format for a relatively small amount (from 20 to 350 rubles). Or you can buy for 1500 rubles unlimited package of reports for the whole year.


Analysis of contextual advertising in


Analysis of competitors in Yandex Direct

This service is intended for in-depth study and analysis of advertising campaigns of competitors in Google AdWords.


Unlike Advse, it not only gives statistics, but goes through in automatic mode all the possible key phrases on this topic, like someone sits and enters alternately the list of matching phrases in Wordstat.


The service offers a few directions:



  1. Competitor analysis. According to the selected phrase or domain name will give a list of Internet resources competing on the subject, keywords in SEO and advertising, find out the budget of competitors for contextual advertising, evaluate the effectiveness, explore the sources of traffic.
  2. The report “clash of domains”. Comparison of several domains, identification of the most effective phrases in terms of context and SEO promotion.
  3. Automated “smart” variant of query matching. The service automatically using the analysis of ads and websites of competitors, as well as statistics Vordstat will select the optimal set of “keys” for the compilation of SEO-core or advertising campaign.

Here you get the most detailed and accurate information in the form of automatically generated reports. And you can both check the contextual advertising of the site and compare its effectiveness with others, and create projects from scratch, using the experience of existing ones.


Minus project one-the price. Spywords requires not less than 1,950 rubles (package PRO for a month). For a small store or a business card site, the costs are too high, and therefore Spywords is used either by professionals or owners of large projects.


Check your competitors Google AdWords and do better!

We described the most popular methods that give an answer to the question of how to know the competitors in Yandex Direct. In fact, there are a lot of different services that provide useful information. There is suitable General site analysis, and contextual advertising will become one of the options. Such information can be obtained, for example, on Pr-CY. Will help you to learn and free online on which you will be able to quickly see the key phrases, attendance, traffic sources.

But if you want to get a professional analysis of the advertising in Yandex Direct for your online and effective than competitors, then the best choice is to order a report from the experts. You will receive more information than even and the price for a single check will be more profitable. In addition, professionals will not allow annoying errors that are so often found in inexperienced webmasters.

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