Annabelle: Creation Trailer #2 (2017)


The horror film produced by the United States. The story of the power of evil, settled in the doll.


Many years ago, the family of the master of dolls is a terrible tragedy that killed their daughter Annabelle. Parents have great difficulty coping with their loss. Not finding solace, they are trying to bring back the soul of the daughter into this world. Thinking that you communicate with her, Mulini let in your house the evil demon, allowing him to move into one of the dolls. From that moment they begin to happen strange and frightening events. Realizing what they’ve done, parents are trying to defeat the demon that is terrorizing them. And for a while they manage to cope with it. They lock the doll in one of the rooms.


A few years Mulini live in peace, but the memories of daughters continue to bother them. Realizing that they need to continue to live, they decide to invite to their home a few girls from the shelter together with the nun, hoping that with their presence the situation in their house will change.


And it really is changing, but not as expected. Guests begin to notice that strange things happen in the house: objects move, the chandelier falls, voices or rustles are heard. They see a Ghost and feel someone’s presence. And then the mistress of the house tells the teacher of children about the terrible events of the past, but the danger can not be avoided. Following the call of the demon, one of the girls finds a locked room, she manages to get her and get out the doll. Now, Evil is on the loose again and it is already impossible to stop. In the mansion, which seemed to orphans a real refuge, they begin to happen terrible things, but nobody can leave. The demon pursues them everywhere, bringing terror to all the inhabitants of the house. How to defeat the demon? Maybe get rid of the doll? However, this will not be easy, because its goal – to destroy all.

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