As business people have achieved success over 50 years ago

As business people have achieved success over 50 years ago

Don’t like to watch soap operas? If from this study one can get good insights – it is not a waste of time. Read a summary of the plot of “Mad Men” on how business people have achieved success over 50 years ago. The years go by, but some habits remain relevant.


The world has changed radically, but some of the habits that led to success in the late 1960s, timeless. The years go by, fashion changes, but things that successful people do day in and day remain the same.


Here case studies from popular TV series Mad Men about the founders and the employees of the advertising Agency, which takes place in the 1960-ies. Currently in the United States is 7 season.


The real hero of the movie is not don Draper and Peggy Olson, and the Agency itself. Moreover, if you look closely, you can see that the storyline and characters offer great examples of what to do to succeed and what not to do in any case.


1. Trust your own creative instincts


The main character of the show – Draper, creative Director. This is one of the most creative professions. The “trick” is that the hero, there is a tendency to reconsiderations, he seems to understand how his creative mind. He thinks about the creative task continuously, among the most routine cases, and then forgets about them, shifting this work on the subconscious.


2. Portray success before it will come


Draper secretly leads a double life. With the development of other more “successful” character Bob Benson, we understand that he is not the only one who does that. When the firm was small, the leadership struggles have sought to present her more and more impressive.


So you can not lie and dissemble, but simply visualize success and act as if you’ve already reached it.


3. Guide your customers


This is the key point of the advertising business. Effective work with people is to help them get what they want. The problem is that few people know what they need. Your goal is to calculate this and find the solution of the problem, which they don’t even know.


4. Think large-scale


Peggy Olson rose from Secretary to creative Director. Joan Holloway became a partner, bringing new clients. Both characters have reached higher levels than they dreamed, simultaneously learning that the prize for climbing the next, higher peak. Plans change, goals are switched, but successful ones who know how to think big.


5. Plan ahead


The Agency Mad Men opened after its fictitious employees faced with a professional challenge. The US government was going to deal with the advertising of cigarettes, and the company needed to solve two problem: find a new way to promote their tobacco customers, as well as the new direction of their own development to find new customers. This required long-term planning, which was not common to all characters.


6. Don’t be afraid of failure


In a sense, a series about the beginnings and the ends. Again and again the clients go, fired employees, crumbling marriages, upset the transaction. The characters go through these trials and not giving up. Each time death comes new opportunity.


7. Live with style


The series is known for its tough look at the 1960-ies. In those days in society “flourished” all kinds of excesses, alcohol abuse, promiscuous sex and experimenting with drugs. This is not the best way to live your life, but for the characters in the film is a chance to “let off steam”. And they had a lot of “zaparok”.


You should not turn into an alcoholic or a womanizer, but to enjoy life, of course, need (a healthier way).


8. Live


The characters of the series unhappy, because successful only in work, but some bad relationships change others. They seek to solve other people’s problems, but only if it gives them something tangible: a new client, more money or other benefits. Do not follow their example. Remember the old truth: on his deathbed, people rarely say they would like to spend more time in the office.


9. Follow technology


In the early years of Mad Men new technology was television. It quickly became the most effective tool of its time to transfer marketing messages. Partly the characters of the series owe their success to the ability to apply this technology and derive benefits.


10. Like roller coasters


If you are going to be successful in the construction business or any other field, be prepared for UPS and downs. It creates drama on television, but in life in some people causes discomfort in the abdomen. If you are not able to enjoy the volatility, look for a more secure and reliable way. You and those around you will be happier.


Every day remind yourself that if today you soared, or Vice versa we go down, there will be many days that will balance both.


11. Grow new relationships and maintain them


Work half of Mad Men is only to maintain relationships with old clients and to find out about new. For example, Draper got the job after a meeting with Roger sterling, which drank him to death. The next day he boasted that he was invited for a new position. But the fact that sterling was too drunk to remember it.


This is a dubious example from the point of view of morality, but it is possible to learn. Make it a point to communicate every day with someone new or with someone you have not communicated.


12. Be there where things happen


In real life, actor Jimmy Fallon returned to The Tonight Show in new York, but in the world of Mad Men his hero johnny Carson plans to take off to Los Angeles. One of the themes of the new season endeavour.


Today the new frontier is more global, but no less real. Use this.


As business people have achieved success over 50 years ago

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