ASAP Rocky’s ‘Testing’ Album Is Here

ASAP Rocky's 'Testing' Album Is Here

ASAP Rocky's 'Testing' Album Is Here

The countdown has ended. The honored 3rd Studio album Asap Rocky has officially arrived.


Flacko touted the project—in the end result under the title TESTING-in September 2017, when he told fans, in fact, that he must fall before the end of the year. In a recent interview with not closed the late owner Peter Rosenberg rocky said, in fact, that his perfectionism has caused almost six months delay.


” 1 small thing 1 small problem, one small imperfection has the ability to slow down the whole cycle,” he said. “I would prefer to make music in order to change the mood of people or to cheer up or to get a feeling or reaction, and not to create elementary music in order to remain burning because of the fame.”


For a number of hours before the Hit streaming services test, rapper Harlem unveiled the absolute Track listing of the plan, which approved the features of Frank ocean, Skeptical, kid Cadi, French Montana, Loreen hill, Playboi Carti and almost everything else. Rocky told about a series of booming collaborations with the owner of Beats 1 Zane Lowe.



The implementation of the test was far from classical. In the direction of the last few months, rocky teased the plan with obscure methods, applying everything from the depiction of a tragedy dummy to a work of art” lab rat ” at Sotheby’s. It was clear, in fact, that the actual favorite of Asap Mob had something unique in the store.


“I’ve noticed sounds that I’ve never heard before, and as a result I try to do it all in my own new material,” said rocky in his own difficult cover situation not so long ago. – “Have you ever heard people when they outline this LSD skill, and they talk to you about the colors that they have never seen before? This is what I’m trying to draw. It’s like a drug manifestation … not to mention this one.”


You will be able to listen to the test at the moment on Apple Music / iTunes or through Spotify below. The album is considered rocky’s first full-length solo plan since 2015. Terribly long. Final. AS quickly as Possible.



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