Atomic Blonde International Trailer #2 (2017)


Very little time remains until the fall of the Berlin wall. This event is quite expected, because its prerequisites were crucial decisions. Residents of neighboring countries hope that now their lives will change for the better, because the endless cold war is not the best way to affect the political and economic relations of the countries. Now the level of mutual understanding must grow, and superpowers must consolidate their position in the world market. But the government is showing considerable concern. In different parts of the world still work special agents, because vigilance should not lose even in this case. Agents should exercise maximum responsibility and report on the slightest change, even if they seem insignificant against the background of events of pan-European scale.


Suddenly in Britain learn of the death of the MI6 officer. The circumstances of his death are very vague and mysterious, and later it becomes known about the disappearance of the list of agents working for the government of Eastern and Western Germany. If the list turns out to be somewhere else, then a serious conflict between the powers can not be avoided. Lorraine takes urgent action to remedy the situation. Before the girl cooperated with the deceased, therefore, hopes to find the lost list, and the capture of the murderer will be her honor. About feminine wiles known to many, it is the domain of intellectuals, always help to find a way out of any situation, no matter how hopeless it may be. Magic charms can differently affect men, but in ancient times women skillfully manipulated individuals of the stronger sex, achieving the stated goals. They could easily destroy whole cities, to manage the empires and cities. Good spies are worth their weight in gold, because they are only for a short time can get interesting information, to reveal secrets to the enemy, thus turn the tide of events in a given direction.

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