Avengers: Infinity War Trailer #2 (2018)


Obstinate legendary heroes could not get along together on earth. Once again their pitched — one on the corners of the universe, someone somewhere in the wilderness on the planet. In the face of imminent danger to the inhabitants of the Earth, they were able to somehow gather, but for a long communication, these wayward leaders and heroes are not ready. Everyone is engaged in the Affairs, and doesn’t want to hear about other super heroes. In the new picture Avengers: war of infinity watch online these buoys will gather again to fight back against evil, and save lives on Earth. And only them under force will stop raging evil, pripleskivayuscheesya of the darkest corners of the universe.


Evil Titan Thanos for many years planned to capture the entire universe. For the execution of this evil plan he needed extra strength. And force such a was wanted. Across the universe thousands of years he collected the necessary stones-artifacts to create the new ultimate weapon, possessing an incredible force to resist that are not under the power of the most developed civilizations. Thanos prepares the Gauntlet of Infinity, and for a finishing touch in this terrible weapon not a stone was missing. This stone came to hurt Thor cunning and heartless Loki. In exchange for a promise to give possession of the Land, Loki goes to Thanos and sends him a treasured stone.


Granted wondrous powers Thanos begins his March, and as promised, Loki, first in the way of the evil Titan is Earth. Humanity will face terrible destruction, millions of deaths and complete the conquest of the barbaric dark force, the stagnation and the horrors for centuries. Without hoping for their own military forces, governments are turning once again to the heroes who have proven themselves in brutal battles. To an old acquaintance: to Thor, Iron Man, Captain America. This is not all, because in this story will join spider-Man and Doctor Strange.


At this time, the task for the Avengers team is out of the ordinary. Not only that, they can find a common language, constantly dragging itself service to the community, but in addition they can’t imagine how to cope with the powerful Titan, Thanos and his entourage of cunning Loki. The new weapons don’t work — either Thor’s hammer or complex technical invention of iron Man, nor the destructive power of the Hulk. Only by combining our efforts, bringing together all the capabilities of superheroes, you can compete with a dark and formidable force. .

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