Benjamin Franklin had a plan to achieve moral perfection in 13 weeks. Every week he improved one of the virtues. At the present time, this plan the most relevant and unattainable, so you should try it.

1. Vandergeest.
Don’t eat to dullness, drink not to elevation.


2. Silence.
Just say what can be a benefit to others or to yourself.


3. The love of order.
Let all your things have their own place; let each of your action will be your time.


4. Determination.
Decide to do what must be; and that which decided, to perform steadily.


5. Thrift.
Allow yourself only those costs that will benefit others or you yourself; nothing to waste waste.


6. Hard work.
Do not waste time; always be busy with something useful; cancel all optional things.


7. Sincerity.
Do not resort to harmful deception: let your thoughts be innocent and just; and if you say, let the same be and words.


8. Justice.
Never offend people, causing them evil or not doing good according to the dictates of duty.


9. Moderation.
Avoid extremes; don’t hold grudges for caused you harm, even if you think it deserves.


10. Cleanliness.
Do not allow the slightest dirt neither itself, nor in clothing, nor in the house.


11. Calm.
Don’t worry because of trifles, because of small accidents or inevitable.


12. Chastity.
Lust indulge rarely, only for health or for the extension of nature; don’t let it lead to dullness or weakness, or deprived of peace of mind or cast a shadow on the good name of yours or someone’s else.


13. Mild-mannered.
Follow the example of Jesus and Socrates.



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