Borg vs. McEnroe Teaser Trailer #1 (2017)


In the eightieth year, the UK hosts a traditional, international tennis tournament. Close attention of avid fans of this sport in all corners of the planet is riveted to the long-awaited, popular championship. The legendary season begins with unpredictable, shocking events presented to the attention of many viewers. Projected winners and favorites allow for unexpected, serious gaffes unwittingly providing beginners with a great opportunity for successful performance. Athletes whose names were little known among tennis fans to participate in the Wimbledon, become the main potential winners. Bookmakers are hesitant, their mass clientele has no idea which of the candidates to make decisive bets.


The time of the final meeting is gradually approaching. The number of candidates for first place is inexorably decreasing, which makes it possible to gradually make the unexpected situation more understandable. In the end there are only two of the most deserving athletes. They well have studied strong and weak tactical seats rival. Now knowing the characteristics of the opponent you need to use in their favor during the final of the competition. Both tennis players are determined to win a bright, memorable victory. The triumphal final game will allow everyone to demonstrate their sporting abilities and talents to the whole world. Both contenders have exactly the same chances of winning, but the highest step of the pedestal can take only one. Starts challenging, entertaining fight, forcing opponents to give the last effort.

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