Breathe Trailer #1 (2017)


Robin Cavendish-really existed in the past. When was only two years before her thirtieth birthday, his health care providers discovered a terrible, almost an incurable disease — poliomyelitis. Terrible disease insurmountable progressed, hitting the weakened body. Three months later, the patient lost the ability to breathe without a special device, to which he was connected by doctors to supply the light air necessary for life. Realizing the hopelessness of the situation, the hopeless patient refuses to stay in a hospital bed. Deciding to spend their last days at home, he immediately leaves the medical facility. To the great amazement of specialists, the patient, recently dying, began to gradually recover. Extortion is a terrible illness, he lived for more than thirty years and died at a ripe old age.


A brave man managed an incredible way to stop a severe form of the disease and became a full-fledged citizen, leading an active lifestyle. He was helped to survive by the girl, become the lawful wife, accompanying him for years. Happy spouses have become the organizers of a Fund that collects funds to support paralyzed people. Cavendish moved using wheelchairs, therefore they were testing this equipment, invent for patients not able to move. A strong, diligent man, cured in an incredible way, wanted to give hope and the ability to fight others suffering from deadly diseases. He wanted to show people that it is possible to conquer your fears, when there are close people, ready to sacrifice. Sincere love can save anyone.

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