Britain performs at the world Cup later the defeat of Panama  

Britain performs at the world Cup later the defeat of Panama #3

Britain performs at the world Cup later the defeat of Panama  


1st goal in UK’s 6-1 rout of Panama was the mentor, and in retrospect, the preparatory watching this, actually what’s supposed to happen. On 8 minutes of corner kick, Panama’s defenders fought any British player who stepped into the penalty area, except for John Stones, whom they inexplicably released, and he just held his head past Jaime Penedo.


For example, excellent as Britain, and they were undoubtedly quite clinical, scoring 6 goals, said less about the quality of the UK attack than the inaccessibility of the properties in the defense of Panama. All, in fact that Panama had the opportunity to make a wrong in the delivery of the 5 goals in the first half, they created.


Stones has remained 1 from a different parts of, on this one in penalty area. They gave 2 fines, both of which Harry Kane hit the top corner. (He got a personal hat-trick in the 2nd half on the reject.) And elementary for a good measure, they didn’t have the ability to fit in step with Rahim sterling and Jesse Lindgard, who merged for a decent one-two and outside the box for Lindgard.


Britain is moving forward, while Panama is not. Britain and Belgium will meet in Kaliningrad on Thursday to qualify who will win in the group, and Panama and Tunisia will hold a consolation match.


The best moment in the match came in the 78th minute, at times one Panama beat the UK. Just during this time they scored a personal single goal, a personal 1st goal in the world Cup in their own first world Cup. It didn’t make sense for the Panamanians to applaud in the stands, their team actually collapsed by 6 to 1, actually they looked like the best team in the world championship.

They’re at the world Cup, they scored a goal, and they were going to celebrate, devil take.


To recite on the main situation
That’s how Britain defeated Panama:


90′: Still 4 Minutes…

We have 4 minutes of auxiliary time, on some basis.


85′: Panama is obliged to pick up the pace!

Panama has not scored a goal in the last 5 minutes, in fact, which means that now they need to speed up the pace to the 1st goal any minute, in order to interest the UK. They have all chances to do it? Stay with us to find out!


78′: Panama Scores!

The return continues! Panama scores a personal 1st goal in the world Cup!


Ricardo Ávila plays a Vacant shot in the back of the British defense, and Felipe Baloy meets him with a nice sliding shot.


Panama now elementary need to score any 2 minutes in order to win a point in this this Irge.


76′: a chance for Panama…

Love Torres for nothing POPs in the corner, but he likes his punch.


70′: exchange

Right wing Kieran Tripper comes out Danny rose.


Apart from this, somewhere out there subsequently a hat trick, Harry Kane, he and Jesse Lingard out for Jamie Vardy and Fabian Delphi.


Felipe Baloy, Ricardo Avila and Abdiel Arroyo are in for Panama. Both teams used all their own substitutions.


66′: don’t they have all the chances to give them only one?

Britain boldly denies Panama in the best chance for a goal.


Jordan Pickford denied Michael Murillo time to time, but not had the opportunity whether it is elementary to lead the Panama account as a confidence booster?

62′: Kane Again! A Hat-Trick!

Oh no, poor Panama. Harry Kane is preparing 6-0. Ruben Loftus-blow on the cheek because of the boundaries of the box cut heel Kane that elementary tried to quit the road, and incorrectly-feet of Jaime Penedo, who had no chance.

57′: Britain arrested for pulling shirts

The referee blows a whistle for a certain shirt, pulling in a Panama box, and all with relief will contemplate, in fact, that it is caused to the UK and is not considered a 3 penalty.

53′: When will Come 6-oops Goal?

Britain’s still trying to make a sixth, and, similarly, they’ll get it. Rahim sterling is already behind, only to be rejected by the watchful goalkeeper, and they are simply bypassing parts of Panama.

46′: still 2-comes the middle of the…

Apparently, they did not name the match, and we will play in the second half. Does Britain intend to try to score, or will they work folding hands and enjoy in order to steer their 5 goals?

1st half

Britain wins 5-0. They from all sides than any other Panama, who presented 3 Lions 2 fine, left John stones (John Stones!) entirely unmarked characters on the corner kick and Vacant kick in order to score 2 goals, and were negligent with the few chances they had.

45+1′: arrange 5 goals for England!

Once again a penalty for Harry Kane, once again valop goalkeeper in the upper left corner of the gate. Kane has now 4 goals, joining Romelu Lukaku and Cristiano Ronaldo in the race for the Golden boot.

In the case if it was “put up” match of the League, the mercy rule would be invoked.

Matthew Futterman: amazing, but Hernan Gomez said yesterday that this match actually has the ability to be uglier than the loss of 3-0 in Belgium. And Yes, it is.

It is worth remembering one more, in fact, that Panama has occupied the third space in the CONCACAF qualification. Team USA took the 5th space. These matches included a 1-1 draw in Panama. Put it out a few, before that than you will be very arrogant in case you are a South American football fan.

43′: penalty in England!

My God, Panama is getting worse. Aníbal Godoy bear – hugged Harry Kane from a corner. Kane was beaten the same way across from Tunisia, but he was not summoned, for example. On this one for example and there is.

Matthew Futterman: the markings were much more than any other on this kit for Panama, except for this, in fact that someone forgot to tell them, in fact, that bear hugs are not yet allowed to the world Cup.

40′: Britain Scores Again!

At one point, John stones scored 2 goals in the world Cup. Subsequently a small free-kick move, Harry Kane heads the ball through the goal into Rahim sterling. His attempt well-saved by Jaime Penedo, but the stones put in the rebound head.

36′: goal for England!

25 Yard Lingard Jesse curler ticks from the bottom of the crossbar and in. He came in later nice 1-2 with Raheem sterling, and officially 3-0 at this point.

Matthew Futterman: in my daughter’s League, when you get 6 goals ahead, you will no longer be able to shoot. In fact, what is the rule of mercy at The world Cup? For what it’s worth, Panama-Tunisia has the opportunity to be a really good, stupid match.

29′: The Storming Of Panama

Panama, in the end, keeps the ball under control for a number of passes and gets a wonderful ball behind the defense, but again the attack ends without a threatening shot on goal.

22′: 2-0 to England!

Subsequently, a short run Harry Kane beats the ball to the upper left corner of the gate.

Panama has already fought in this match. The last thing they actually had to do was pass a fine.

Matthew Futterman: what you actually missed when the video cameras watched Kane’s celebration-Panama grabbed the ball and tried the schoolyard’s dilapidated trick of restarting, while the other team is out of the field. The referee Geid Grisha was obliged to whistle and to attribute, actually that is not allowed on the world Cup.

20′: penalty in England!

Jesse lindgard controlled the ball from above and was tied by Fidel Escobar. Referee Ged Grisha did not hesitate to give him.

16: pressure Panama

Bending shot Edgar Barcenas because the boundaries of the box sends Jordan Pickford in an absolute dive, but it’s outside of the post. Panama continues to get chances, but …

Matthew Futterman: Panama now had 2 not bad stage, and she badly missed both goals. How much more will they get this afternoon? I guess there’s not a lot of them. A single method to win these small teams, in case they are entirely clinically on their own chances.

12′: Britain somehow Not paying attention To the Main

Britain obviously the best team, but have their was some number of bad presents in own half of. If Panama were a more acute party, that would be a great challenge.

10′: criteria

Armando Cooper is booked for actually stepping on Jesse Lindgard’s heel.


Britain performs at the world Cup later the defeat of Panama  

8′: England’s Challenge!

For John Stones, who was absolutely unmarked on the title, and leads him to the Bottom left corner of the penalty area.

It’s actually unimaginable how unmarked pebbles were. There was not the slightest that simple move, or feint, he simply ran past their own marker to the ball.

Matthew Futterman: I am not absolutely in no doubt what they thought of Panama. How to identify really the highest lawyer in the middle of the penalty area for a corner?

5′: Panama Chance

Panama has missed a great opportunity. Anibal Godoy was on target, but his shot went off.

All stopped here for some number of minutes later such as Jesse lindgard was an elbow in the person, going for the Title.

0’: start!

We’re moving from the Bottom! Britain in white, Panama in reddish.

It’s hot!

Matthew Futterman: here, at the Bottom, pretty hot. On paper, the heat has the ability to be United, in fact that has the ability to stand in the way of the UK in this. They have much younger players than any other, taming up the amount of drama in the stands as well. Don’t be offended by Panama, which has done a stunning job in order to get here. They prefer to talk my buddy in the past, a colleague and Briton John Clegg, the British sometimes have a chance to turn a funny color pink when they are hot and frustrated. That’s what Panama has to shoot for.

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