Business idea: mushroom Cultivation at home — a practical guide to calculations

Business idea: mushroom Cultivation at home — a practical guide to calculations

To date, rarely-known business in the mushroom industry. And hardly anyone knows that mushroom cultivation brings not a bad profit. So, let’s get down to business.


In order to begin to engage in such business, as the premises can be used house in the village, basement, greenhouse and various other places that are available to you. With regard to product sales, everything is much easier to sell mushrooms, you can either canneries or markets.


According to many people, this is the time to open your own business. In a time of crisis it is best to rely solely on their own strength. Also, there is no need to worry that you will reduce or fired.


A great advantage of starting a business today is also considered that rent usually cheaper and don’t have to pay a lot of money for what is not clear.


The people who decided to start their own business should be ready to different difficulties and also risks losing everything. In order to avoid these consequences, we arrange all stages of the business on the shelves.


Each of us understands that getting a loan today is very hard, or rather impossible. So, we only rely on their own funds and spend on the opening of the case not more than 5 thousand euros.


So, let’s open a mushroom farm at his dacha. While in the forest a lot of mushrooms, all the same nothing to fear nothing, as not all risk and eat these mushrooms and in the forest there is a short season of mushrooms, so that buyers in any case you will. As you know, officially we are allowed to grow oyster and field mushrooms.


We grow oyster, as according to experts, the market for this type of fungi is busy only 15%. Oyster mushrooms unlike mushrooms produce a crop all year round business and we will not be seasonal.


Where to start


First we need to learn as more information about growing oyster mushrooms. For this we use the Internet. It is very important to use the correct information sources, as most sources give false information. To avoid mistakes, it is best to find in the Internet the Union of professional mushroom growers and ask them questions.


In order to better understand, you need to present the simplified scheme of the growth of oyster mushrooms: you buy the mycelium and soil (soil is considered the wheat straw in which to grow the mushrooms). Having prepared the mixture, you fill the straw with boiled water and allow it to cool down.


Now fill plastic bags such layers: straw, spawn, straw, spawn. Next, tear the bags eyelets and hung them on the hooks. Now it only remains to wait for the harvest, but first, examine carefully all the rules and instructions on the cultivation of cherries to prevent gaps.


Remember, you have invested your own money in the business and have to be attentive in every moment, you work for yourself. How you will treat your own work will depend on your profit.


If you want to build a special mushroom beds, keep in mind that a liter of mycelium you buy for 1 dollar, and the straw can get for free. And the finished unit will cost you approximately $ 2.5. Of course, in the first case, we save more than two times.


The advantage of the second option is that buying a ready unit, you will not encounter any foreign plants or weeds. As you understand, the unit is a bag made of polyethylene, the amount of which is approximately 40 centimeters by 90 centimeters. Steamed stuffed it with straw, which necessarily must be crushed, to not to clog the mold.


People who are already engaged in the cultivation of mushrooms, it is better to grow as much as you can sell. The fruits appear of the bags after a couple of weeks.


According to mushroom growers, the first wave of mushrooms yields a little more than 70% of the crop. That is, if you can be done in one bag 20 small holes, each hole will be about 200 grams of mushrooms, and only one bag you collect more than 2 pounds of oyster mushrooms.


Then, after 2 weeks followed by a second wave of the harvest, which will give about 30% of the harvest, that is little more than a kilogram of mushrooms from a single block. There is also a third wave of the crop, but mushroom growers are advised not to use it because they are going to often harmful substances and they quickly turn sour. This means that after the second wave of the harvest, care should be taken to buy or construct new units.


Experts advise to pay attention to buying a new one spawns. In order to oyster mushrooms aren’t infected, the blocks need to cook in a special, sterile laboratories. You must make sure that the mixture is sold in sealed packages, and that the surface was green spots.


You must also bear in mind that each package needs to stand the date of manufacture and shelf life. To some it may seem that it’s too picky about brands, but we must not forget that we pay money for it, and our product buyers will choose the same way.


Premises and equipment


As we said, we will have a small cottage in the village. For starters, we will need the room to accommodate 50 units. I must say that’s a start the room is 15 square meters. Calculated that 1 square meter we place 7 units.


Also consider the fact that 70% of the room should be given to the mushroom houses, and 30% passes. It is best to divide the room into 3 sections:


– The clean Department, in which you can work with gloves on, and deal with the future colonization of fungi in their houses,
Is the most warm Department, which will grow mushrooms (20 degrees),
The largest Department, which will stand a temperature of 15 degrees, and the humidity is 90%.


It is advisable to provide your gribovitsa warm all year round. The best material for insulating the farm is considered to be polystyrene. If your farm will be located in an old barn, it is best to:


– Whitewash the walls, pour the floor with concrete to take care of ventilation and lighting.
– It is also important that you have had a shed where to store straw.
– Need to stock up on a cutting table to make it easier to work.
– Buy packs, better in bulk, at wholesale prices. If you buy 100 pieces, it will cost you about 10 cents apiece.
– Buy at least 10 of the plastic boxes. You will be storing in them the mushrooms. One box will cost you about $ 3.
– Would you in the fridge, which accommodates approximately 200 HP and, since mushrooms should be stored at temperatures of 2 to – 5 degrees not more than seven days.




Each mushroom grower should know that in order to sell mushrooms, you need to have a certificate of quality. Issued this certificate after the results of the analysis on the content of various heavy substances, herbicides, etc. to Spend you will have on this analysis for about $ 25. As for time, it lasts up to two weeks. To sell mushrooms, you can:


– In restaurants,
– In a café,
In stores,
To markets,
– Various production, who are engaged in the manufacture of semi-finished products.
The wholesale markets


Very effective for you if you yourself will continue to process their own product.




To advertise your product, must. This can be done in many different ways that each chooses for himself. Some mushroom growers use all methods of advertising your product, ranging from the usual announcements about the sale of mushrooms, ending with the creation of a site on the Internet.


In any case, remember that advertising is your engine, and the faster people learn about your product, the better your financial well-being.


Try to perform our work efficiently and do not attempt to deceive buyers on the little things. You first need to earn credibility, and with it, money will come. Deceiving one customer, it is unlikely more will buy the product and the circuit closes.


But if the customer likes your mushrooms, he will buy them from you at all times and advise your product to a friend. The only way you will succeed.


Let us now consider the costs of this farm in General:


We are building a farm that will be 50 units. Share them to fertilize, we will need to purchase 50 liters of mycelium. Of course, all materials we can find in the village, and therefore need to be considered:


– Transportation costs, which will cost us about $ 60
– Repair of premises – $ 250,
Heater (used) – $ 60
– Raw materials – $ 50,
– Plastic boxes – $ 30 Fans – $ 30,
– Polyethylene bags – $ 90,
– Advertising – $ 35
– And of course unexpected expenses – $ 150


In total, about we need to start – 755 – dollars.


Now, consider the monthly expenses:


– Transportation costs (for distribution of merchandise to outlets) — $ 60
– Utilities – $ 50,
– Purchasing raw materials – $ 35


Total, in a month we will spend approximately $ 145.


So, it is time to count, finally to menu ↑monthly income:


With one unit we plan to get about 3 pounds of mushrooms (the first wave). That is a month with a single block, we will have to come out about 4.5 pounds of mushrooms. We will sell them for about $ 3 per kilogram.


Believe of 4.5 kg of oyster mushrooms * $ 3 = 13,5 dollars per 1 unit. We have 50 units, so 13,5 * 50 = 675 dollars.


Now, subtract monthly income from monthly expenses:


675 – 145 = 530 (USD).


Then calculated, after which time we will remove the invested funds:


755 : 675 = 1.1 months.


That is, we see that the return of funds is possible in just over one month.


I hope that available and outlined the theme of the opening of the business. Each person decides for himself whether he wants to be independent or not and he needs the business or not.


Still, I want to give very important advice to people who are in search of employment: “Before you start to do something, consider whether this lesson can bring you pleasure!”


Business idea: mushroom Cultivation at home — a practical guide to calculations

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