Business production and sales of photo tiles begins with

Business production and sales of photo tiles begins with

Create photo tiles begins with is the relatively new idea of business, which is to complete the organization of production photo panels and photo tiles begins with. The production of these materials, thanks to modern technology, takes relatively little time, since special tools give the opportunity to print a variety of image on the surface of the tiles.


Production photoblack and photo panels with printing a variety of images — a method of printing on chernoplodku with special eco-solvent ink directly on a ceramic product. The image gets a special printer, causing the surface of the tiles precoat — Lac.


This method allows you to get the highest quality products with bright, durable and clear image. Very high quality goods are guaranteed.


Photo panels are also used for decorating interior of various premises: kitchens, bathrooms, offices, swimming pools and restaurants. Fotoplenka has durability, with which it enjoys high demand among consumers.


The popularity of photo panels and keratoplasty is constantly growing and therefore, the income also will increase. All the modern technologies allow to apply the image directly on the surface of the tile, allow manufacturers to offer many customers the highest quality material. It is worth noting that the image on the tile is not erased even when using even the most powerful detergents. This naturally expands the circle of persons who wish to order photo panels.


Audience and marketing channels


A opening this kind of business, ask the question — how to make money on photoplace? Select several main sectors customers (i.e. potential customers) and photo panels photo tiles begins with:


A legal entity that provides construction services in various areas as regular intermediaries;


Individuals who make repairs in their own country house, apartment, or another type of real estate;


Legal persons who provide repair services in the rented and its facilities, which are then sold.


At the moment, the most effective way for sales of photo tiles begins with the placement of their samples of their tiles in the exhibition and trading rooms of most large construction companies and hypermarkets in your city. Samples of photo tiles begins with posted on the walls. And buyers are beginning to come in, see samples, and in the process their order.


Equipment necessary to print images on tiles


To open a business, this idea of earning very convenient and should only be purchased with the following special tools:


Specialized printer


Powerful drying chamber






Office furniture


For printing, in principle, suitable printer brands of PC, made in China. This printer is an excellent ratio “price-quality”.


For the full drying of the deposited image on the surface of the tiles using an ordinary oven. This equipment is able to maintain a constant temperature (about 150 degree Celsius) — this allows you to perform the highest quality drying of all products. This drying Cabinet also performs a complete drying without interruption for more than 24 hours.


Equipment is not considered “bulky” and that is why this equipment is the best fit for use in your own home. To master technology of “simple” process here will be able to almost everyone. And when your production starts to significantly expand and will need to hire a couple of staff to support the work.


The cost of printing for the various wholesale customers could reach approximately 2 thousand rubles per 1 m2. Moreover, the printing in most cases is made on the tiles because it is very important that this tile as well fit into the interior space. The payback period of invested in the development of this business is only just 4 — 6 months.


It should be noted that earn money by means of create photo tiles begins with you can very quickly and at the same time, the amount you will receive directly depends on you and your ideas.


Business production and sales of photo tiles begins with

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