Cancelled in Europe, the event dedicated to the celebration of the anniversary of Pokémon Go all the same place

Cancelled in Europe anniversary event Pokémon Go

June 23 in Chicago, USA held a festival of celebration of the first anniversary of the popular game Pokémon Go. Then the event was actually disrupted, because the servers are unable to provide the simultaneous launch of the game so many players.


The head of the company-developer Niantic John Hank tried to calm the crowd, but he did not even listen to.


Ticket to the event cost $20, and came to the festival from other cities about 20 thousand fans. The main event was supposed to be large-scale collective hunt for exclusive types of pokemon, but as has been said, it did not take place, because the players simply are unable to log into the game. The organizers promised to return all money and reward slot values.


After this failure, a number of events planned in Europe was canceled, but today it became known that they just moved in the fall.


As planned in France, Spain and Germany the event will take place on 16 September, and four cancelled events will be held according to the following schedule:


7 Oct


Fisketorvet — Copenhagen, Denmark;
Centrum Černý Most Prague, Czech Republic;

14 Oct


Mall of Scandinavia — Stockholm, Sweden;
Stadshart Amstelveen — Amstelveen, Netherlands;
In the days of these events, players will wait for the special eggs in poketopia (Pokéstop), the activated bait new and unknown species of pokemon.


Please note, to buy a ticket to the event can only players 13 and older with ID card with photo.


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