Check website optimization (seo analysis)

Checking the semantic kernel

Check website optimization (seo analysis)

When referring to any SEO specialist, you are sure to hear that the first thing you need to analyze the optimization of the site, and only then it makes sense to discuss the methods of promotion and budget. Why do you need such verification and can it be carried out independently? Let’s deal with it.


SEO analysis of website pages – is resource study on compliance with the requirements of search engines. The following parameters are studied:


  • “Visibility” of all pages for users from different countries and regions;
  • Usability of the site, i.e. its user-friendliness, attractiveness, ease of navigation;
  • Compliance with content relevant to the search queries;
  • The correctness of HTML-code;
  • Just fill in all meta tags (Tittle, Alt, Description, Keyword);
  • Redirecting, internal links, presence / absence of advertising, etc.


The purpose of this analysis is to study the features of the resource, to identify possible errors that can prevent search engine promotion, to determine the strategy of promotion. Check site optimization – this is the first stage of acquaintance with a new project for any CEO-specialist, as well as the opportunity to make sure that the site is made and filled correctly and ready for promotion.


How to check the website for SEO optimization yourself?

If you are engaged in the creation and promotion of the site with your own hands or want to make sure that the developers have done the work really high quality, you can always carry out SEO audit with your own hands. In fact, it’s not as difficult as it may seem.


Automatic check of basic parameters

The fastest and easiest method to assess the quality of the site in terms of promotion – is to use the tools for a comprehensive analysis. The most common solutions:


  • The Program Site-Auditor. Allows you to view the ratings of the site in the main search engines, finds possible problems (black lists and filters), finds links to the site, internal links, visibility of the main search engines, analyzes tags, etc.
  • Online service . Provides a set of tools for detailed analysis. You can work with your own or with someone else’s site.
  • Online service . There is also a set of online tools for website analysis. Allows not only to analyze the quality of pages, but also to test the download speed and more.
  • Site allows you to check individual parameters of the site, and to conduct a comprehensive analysis of its visibility, availability, download speed and more.

These popular products allow you to check the site for free. You will get the main characteristics of the resource on the principle-briefly, but about everything. Based on this analysis, it will be possible to determine what to pay special attention to. However, if you want to test site optimization from and to, you will need to spend more time and “drive” the resource through thematic services.


The structure and code quality

The structure and code quality

We have written many times about the importance of a well-thought-out structure, quality content, validity (correctness) of HTML-code and other parameters of the resource. To refresh the memory of the main stages of this work will help the article ” how to optimize the site yourself.”


But how to test these parameters? For high-quality testing you will have to be patient, as different factors will have to be checked using different programs or online tests.


Below we describe the services with which most often conducted site diagnostics for optimization. Here we will also focus on non-commercial or shareware products that are best suited for owners of the Internet project.


  • The Program Xenu Link Sleuth. The application will help you find broken links on the site, as well as identify pages with unfilled tags.
  • The Program Screaming Frog. Identifies broken (broken) links, non-unique or missing headers. This software is commercial, but up to 500 checks are free without functional limitations.
  • Markup Validation Service. A simple and popular service for checking the validity of HTML-code. Despite the lack of Russian version, simple and convenient. Address:
  • CSS Validation service. A similar service, but works with CSS (the style library of the site). Version:
  • Link Checker. And here you can make sure that the internal and external links are correct. Just enter your URL here:
  • MobileOK Checker. A very useful check on the web. Evaluates the ability and convenience of viewing pages from portable (mobile) devices:
  • Mobile emulator. Also useful online project for everyone who cares how mobile Internet users will see the site. Allows your computer to see how your project will look on screens of different sizes:
  • . The site allows you to check the pages of the site for optimization in a very interesting way. It shows clearly how the search bot will ” see ” your resource.

Checking the semantic kernel

Checking the semantic kernel

If you have made a semantic kernel yourself or carefully analyzed the results at the stage of key distribution and content writing, you can safely skip this check point. But when checking someone else’s site or analyzing the work of third-party professionals may also need to make sure that the right choice of search queries.


In principle, the verification of this stage is not much different from the list of keys described in detail in the article “how to make a semantic core of the site.” But in our case, the work will be a little easier. You need to collect keys from all pages involved in the search, and check the keys for compliance with the theme of the site using the service Yandex.Wordstat, the program KeyCollector, or any other convenient services.


Also for the selection and inspection of key phrases you can use paid automated services, such as:


  • . Here the price of one key query is from 2 kopecks. There are free options for checking.
  • Just-Magic. Service automatic generation of the semantic core. Prices – from 5 kopecks per word. Work is possible after registration here:

To analyze the search engine optimization of the site from the point of view of literacy of the composed SEO core, you need to use the basic keys, make an automatic SEO core in any of the services and compare the results. The work is time-consuming, and it is necessary to perform it only if there are any doubts. For example, if the site is visited by a lot of visitors, and sales are almost gone, it may very well be that the reason here is the selected “keywords”.


The speed and availability of downloading pages

The speed and availability of downloading pages

It is no secret that the availability of the site for users from different countries and at different times – an important parameter. If your site is loaded for too long or from time to time begins to “disconnect”, for example, due to the fault of the hosting provider, you risk losing visitors. And search bots can go “not in time” and fix a broken site. And because of this parameter check is mandatory.


There are a lot of services that are ready to “come” to your site “from different parts of the world”, calculate the download speed and tell you about the results. Almost all of them work well, here the choice is a matter of taste. Here are a couple of examples:


  • PageSpeed Insights. One of the tools from Google for webmasters. Checks the download speed and provides recommendations. Just enter your website address and click on the “Analyze” button here .
  • Pingdom Website Speed Test. The service shows the availability and download speed of the site “on behalf” of residents of different countries. You can select a region manually. The service is completely free — .


Checking texts

Finally, the final step in analyzing the optimization of your project pages is to check the content posted on your site. Modern search bots ” learned “to determine not only the presence of keys and their density, but also the readability of the text and even determine its”usefulness”. And because the check you need to pay attention to such parameters:


  1. All texts must be unique, i.e. written specifically for this site.
  2. The information should be useful to your visitors. Avoid unnecessary “water”. Write as much as you need, and nothing more.
  3. The content must be formatted for easy reading. It should contain headings and subheadings, if necessary – lists, citations, some selections (within the meaning). It is very useful to dilute the article illustrations, they increase readability and approved by search engines.
  4. The pages must contain key phrases. Their use should be natural, i.e. the text should be easy to read, and the number of “keys” should not exceed the usual for a thematic description or article.


To check texts, there are also specialized services:


  • Program Etxt Antiplagiat and Advego Plagiatus. The services are designed to test for uniqueness. To check the text will have to copy the program window, and add your site to the exception.
  • Online service . Verifies uniqueness, conducts SEO analysis (calculates the percentage of occurrence of keys), and analyzes the text information on the “water content” (the number of meaningless and introductory words). It is possible to batch check.
  • . The service conducts a detailed SEO-analysis. It is possible to work not only with individual texts, but also to check the entire site.
  • Analysis of the content on the website PR-CY. Conducts seo page check-compliance with key queries, correct headers, etc. . On the same site, there are other tools for checking the quality of content.


Tools for checking texts, as well as other parameters, as a lot, both paid and free. Above we have listed only some of them.


Free test site for optimization from the experts

Free test site for optimization from the experts

Seo optimization analysis service is offered by many web studios and SEO specialists, including free of charge. In principle, you can always use the help of professionals in assessing the quality of your project.


But it is important to understand that the order check seo site optimization on a fee basis – a guarantee of objectivity. At the same time, you get a detailed and maximally detailed report, on the basis of which you can, among other things, correct errors on your own.


The specialists will hold a maximum of different tests that will compare your website with competitors, studying of SEO-the core and suggest possible errors. Paid verification is a full-fledged professional service.


Free site check for SEO optimization is carried out somewhat differently. This is a preliminary analysis, which is necessary, first of all, the expert himself, to at least roughly assess the complexity and volume of work with your site, and calculate the cost of promotion. Another function of such checks is the sale of the company’s services. And because such reports are rarely accurate and 100% reliable, but as a hint where to look for problems with the site, they are also perfect.


And yet we strongly advise in case of doubt about the quality of seo-specialists, order a full audit. This document will allow you to accurately determine the reasons for low positions in the search results or lack of sales. And even better to choose a reliable company with a good reputation and entrust it fully search engine optimization. In this case, the analysis will be provided to you as part of the service, and to check the results you will regularly receive the same detailed reports. However, the reports – this is only half the case, the main thing that your project will receive visitors, and interested. And you will definitely notice!

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