China urged Japan to soberly assess the history

China urged Japan to soberly assess the history

China urged Japan to soberly assess the history


China urged Japan to keep an impartial view of the situation afterwards, such as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sent an offering to the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, which is associated with Japanese militarism in Asian States.


In the afternoon on Saturday Abe sent to Yasukuni Shrine, where on Saturday the three-day veshny festival began, the ritual offering “masakaki” in the form of a decorated branch of Sakaki tree, which is revered as a sacred tree in Shintoism.


“The position of the Chinese side is relatively Yasukuni temple alternate and clear. We call on the Japanese side to keep an impartial view of the situation, the practical actions to reasonably assess and rethink the situation, to take the following measures to resolve the relevant issue,” — says the statement of the official adept of the MFA of the PRC Lu Kang, posted on the website of the Agency.


The reaction of the Chinese side were a number of low-key this year amid a meeting held not so long ago the visit of the foreign Minister of China to Japan. As a rule, the Chinese foreign Ministry expresses defiance in connection with the visit or the direction of offerings to the sanctuary.


Every year visits to the temple by officials and politicians to the Land of the rising sun are perceived in Asian countries as a manifestation of militarism. In the Shrine are memorial plaques with the names of 2.5 million soldier and officers who died for Japan in various wars, they include even the names of 14 military criminals of war 2 universe.


In December 2013 Shinzo Abe visited Yasukuni, which was actually the first visit of the premiere to this sanctuary since 2006 (the last Prime Minister who made a pilgrimage to Yasukuni Shrine was Junichiro Koizumi). Abe’s visit to the sanctuary during this time was quickly condemned by the adherents of China and South Korea. In the country of the rising sun it still caused diverse reaction from adherents of various political parties.

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