Chris Hardwicke Speaks, Actually that “In the Moment of the Eye” He Sexually Attacked The Former Girl

Chris Hardwicke Speaks, Actually that "In the Moment of the Eye" He Sexually Attacked The Former Girl

Chris Hardwicke Speaks, Actually that "In the Moment of the Eye" He Sexually Attacked The Former Girl

The clock and watch afterwards such as Chloe Dykstra assumed, in fact, that Chris Hardwicke had sexually assaulted her, while they were involved, the talking lifeless owner completely  disproved the complaint of her ex-girlfriend.


“These are pretty serious accusations, and they can not be touched carelessly, so I took a day to reflect on how to respond,” Hardwicke said in an evening statement on Friday. “I was heartbroken to read the post of Chloe. Our 3-year-old business was not ideal-we were not, after all, a good couple and argued, even yelled at a friend-but I adored her and did everything I could to raise and support her as a partner and friend anyway , and in no case I sexually assaulted her. ”


Hardwicke continued in detail the conditions for their separation, it would seem, Quoting From Dykstra and how he was “stunned” online now.


“When we lived together, I found out that Chloe had changed me, and I had lost the relationship,” Hardwicke said. “In the direction of several months later, such as we broke up, she asked me to return together with me, and she even told me , actually that wants to own the guys with me, “build a life” with me and told me that I was actually “that”, but I did not want to be with someone who was unfaithful, “he added in a painstakingly thoughtful response. “I am devastated when I read that she is now blaming me for behavior that did not happen, I was blinded by her fast and every time I wished for her the best.” As a husband, scion and a future founder, I do not condone any inhuman appeal with representatives of the weaker sex. ”


The answer from the longtime owner of AMC and the founder of Nerdist came late for the upcoming day afterwards, such as the ex-girlfriend Dykstra wrote a first-person torturing story about her own 3-year relationship online.


While Hardwicke never once beckoned for the name, the web host and member of the Sifi characters cosplayed the post on an average of countless details about the “moderately successful podcast” who became “the locomotive CEO of the personal company, their age difference and almost everything else . The details, which clearly enough spoke about the now-in-law married Hardwicke, who announced his own break with Dykstra in 2014 online.


Because Dykstra has become public with her complaints now, pushing the AMCU to suspend June 17 debut Season 2 Talking with Chris Hardwick, forever or at least until the absolute investigation of the claims of the actress is considered. The cable man and the dwelling of the walking dead were silent on this issue, but the informers report, in fact, that the deadline, actually, that the performers thought over the entreaties of the adherents of the talking guests, in order to solve the story.


Set to play a tremendous amount of cash in the right month in San Diego Comic-Con, as in the past years, there is not a text if Hardwicke is still moderating the inaugural pavement of one female doctor who is Jodie Whittaker or Hall H return of The Walking Dead.


In her own essay, in the afternoon, Dykstra laid out cases that had restrictions on her exit at night, having male friends or speaking in public. Most of them still wilted, in fact that she was the victim of a sexy and sensual attack by an unnamed former young man.


Dykstra still claimed that afterwards, such as she had parted with him, Hardwick and a female colleague worked safely to be brought into the dark list from the branch, calling the firms she worked for “to be fired, threatening never to work with them.”


Apart from this, Dykstra still took on Twitter her own complaint and the answer she had:



However, the accusations promptly prompted the hosts of Nerdist Legendary Entertainment on Friday to whiten any reference to Hardwicke on the website he founded. on the website he started.


“Chris Hardwicke did not have the slightest operational role in Nerdist in the direction of 2 years, the previous expiration of his contract in December 2017,” – said the famous. “He is no longer associated with the famous digital networks, and the firm has removed all references to Mr. Hardwicke, including as the original founder of Nerdist, until further investigation.”

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