Counter visitors for the site — how to choose the best

What counters monitor

Counter visitors for the site — how to choose the best

A special counter for visitors is necessary for webmasters to find out how many people come to their site, how they behave when they are active. Sometimes the buttons are visible attendance on the pages, but often this information is hidden.


Visitor tracking systems allow you to get the most detailed information about users: where they come from, which areas of the screen are clicked, which transitions are made, how quickly they leave the sections and where they stay longer. Analysis of attendance and user behavior allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of the work, to chart the course of development, to determine what innovations liked, and what is better to refuse.


For example, if you post a new article or update a specific tool, you can determine if people like it by changing the behavior of visitors. Interesting material is shared with friends, and the links are reflected in the statistics. The tool you like also attracts users and they spend more time on the page with it. Conversely, reducing attendance and increasing bounce rates will show that you’ve done something wrong. And it is necessary to roll back to the last version of the design, tools or replace boring materials with something that attracts attention.


What do the visitor counting systems consist

Any of the existing counters of visitors ‘ passage on the site is a small part of the statistics, the main part of which is located on the external service. The webmaster registers with the selected resource and then configures the required capabilities.


The end result is a unique HTML-code button. Next, the webmaster must copy this code and embed it into his site.


Modern CMS provides a special section for adding a sensor code, which is usually located in the settings. If this feature is not implemented, the code is added to the design template (most often to the “basement”, i.e. to the lowest part, next to the copyright notice and other similar information). In most cases, the owner of the resource is quite able to set the counter shop visitors with their own hands. Add code to resources on popular news CMS is also not difficult: just go to settings and copy the code in the item “Counters”.


What the “button” shows»

Depending on the features of the project, the statistical informer can be visible on the pages or hidden. The quality of the information received is not affected. Most often, visible metering sensors put on portals and blogs with high attendance, the owners of which earn on advertising. These parameters increase the interest of potential advertisers and enable them to assess the return on investment in advance. In all other cases, public statistics may even be harmful, as it will be studied by competitors. And if the resource is young and still with low attendance, such statistics will even scare some users.


Informer displays the figures for the current day:


  • the number of unique visitors, i.e. visits from different computers or other devices;
  • number of visits, i.e. all visits, including repeated visits;
  • views: total number of pages requested for the current day. This value is the biggest, because usually one person makes several transitions in search of the necessary information.


In some cases, the values displayed for public viewing can be configured in the service before generating the code (specify which parameters to show). If you suddenly need to change this parameter, you will have to go back to Your account in the service and get a new code. Also changes the color and size of the informer, if for one reason or another they need to change.


What counters monitor

To see all the information collected by the visitor counting sensors, you will need to go to the statistics service and log in with your login/password. The types and number of parameters depend on the system.


Here are the most common.


  • What counters monitorDepth of view. Parameter of the average number of pages visited.
  • Time. Also an averaged parameter. How long users are on the site.
  • The number of failures. What percentage of people close the site within the first 30 seconds after the transition. It is believed that they had found what they need, and therefore “abandoned” and left to other resources.
  • Sources of transitions. It can be search engines, social networks, various platforms where external links were placed.
  • Search query. Usually lists the most popular search phrases for which the resource was shown in the search engines, and separately-after what requests made transitions.
  • Geography of attendance-what countries and regions people come from.
  • “User portrait” – age categories and gender.
  • Browser, specifications, type and resolution (size) of the device screen. Data that is important for optimizing the appearance of the resource for user needs. For example, if a significant number of failures come from portable devices, you need to be puzzled by adaptive layout or mobile version. If the cracks go from the Opera browser, you might have some issues displaying in the browser.


The most advanced services – Yandex.Metrics, Google Analytics and some others also allow you to view a heat map of clicks or even track the user’s actions (moving the mouse across the screen locations of clicks and a sequence of transitions). For example, in Yandex.Metric for this implemented a very convenient tool – Webvizor, where user behavior can be seen really clearly – in the generated video.


Select the counter

In fact, the choice of the system of counting customers of the store or other site depends only on your tastes and needs.


There are specialized services, for example, paid systems for counting visitors to the store, the price of which is usually relatively low, and the statistics are completely “sharpened” for the needs of online trading.


Commercial services may be of interest in cases of special needs. For example, to collect data separately for registered users and “guests”, i.e. anonymous visits, or for a detailed analysis of the behavior of buyers who made a purchase and refused in the process of registration, etc.they provide a large number of detailed reports, build easy-to-read charts. But in most cases it is possible to do free services. About them and talk more:


  • Yandex.Metrics. Popular and completely free statistics from the famous search engine. Provides detailed information about visitors, navigation sources, search phrases, tracks people’s behavior, and even visually demonstrates it. It has a simple interface, convenient even for beginners. Generates a wide range of reports, generates visual diagrams.
  • Google Analytics. Installing meters from Google is also a popular and completely free option. The amount of information here is also extensive, perhaps even more than Yandex. Reports you can view in the on-line mode, but to download in a convenient format (CSV, TSV, XLSX, PDF). They can also be sent directly from the service to colleagues or customers. The main disadvantage of the solution is some complexity of the interface. Newcomers will not be easy to understand where to look. On the other hand, Google provides detailed help in Russian language for each section. And if you work hard to understand all the nuances, you’ll get everything you need to analyze performance and development.
  • LiveInternet. Popular in Runet service of counting, allowing to receive a wide range of data. You can customize the appearance of the widget, including selecting the option without displaying. Detailed statistics can also be a public or private password. After registration, you must specify the theme of the site to participate in the ranking from LiveInternet. There is no” heat map “or” webvisor “here, but the basic information – attendance, geography, key phrases,” user portrait”, sources of transitions, activity time, transitions and much more is available almost”on one page”. Simple and user-friendly interface, clear to beginners.
  • Openstat. Web Analytics is created in Holland on the basis of SpyLOG. Collects basic listing information: counter incoming visitors behaviour, page views, bounce, geography, key phrases, and behavioral factors and characteristics of users. But there are two distinctive features. First, you can connect the statistics without registering, which is enough to copy the code from the main page, and in this mode, almost all services are available. And the second difference is the lack of advertising interest. Not only does the service provide you with all the free Analytics tools, but it is also guaranteed that it does not share the collected information and user data with any advertising services.
  • HotLog. Another popular Russian-speaking counting sensor. Collects a standard set of statistics, has a simple and intuitive interface for beginners. It is considered a worthy alternative to LiveInternet.


How many buttons to set

You may have seen several sensors at the same time store visitors, news portal or forum from different counting systems. In case of attracting advertisers, several different buttons are part of the strategy – it is possible to choose the most convenient “button”.


Also, this strategy is designed to obtain maximum accuracy. The fact that the counting device in different services is slightly different. Therefore, the figures may vary by about 10-15%.


There is another reason for installing several buttons at the same time. The fact that the counters from Yandex and Google have an impact on the ranking in the search results. That is, the collected information is taken into account by search bots, and most often, it has a positive impact.


So often connects the stats from search engines how to search engine promotion, and besides it is convenient for the webmasters to count the visitors. Moreover, all of them can be both visible and hidden. On the other hand, do not get too carried away by the number of “buttons”, as each of them contains an outgoing link to your own service, and the abundance of outgoing reference mass, as you know, can adversely affect the positions in the search engines.


Setting the attendance button with your own hands may be necessary in the event that you yourself engaged in promotion. As part of the professional promotion of the connection of statistics performed by specialists. Order promotion and get information about the development of your resource in the form of convenient reports.

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