Cult of Chucky Trailer #1 (2017)


For Nicky Pearce familiarity with the doll Chucky proved fatal. People did not believe the girl that the terrible toy destroys all who will face it. Now she is imprisoned in a psychiatric clinic, where the attending physician decides to try a new method of treatment. From now on, together with the patient in the chamber will be a doll whose face is joyful and relaxed. No danger Nicky feel, but after the appearance of the toys in the hospital, people start to die. Girl scared again, no one believes her, and the death blamed on the patients age, drug intolerance, accidents. Soon begins to die the hospital staff, to help Nicky in a hurry Andy Barclay, but the young man tries to stop Tiffany. Charming bride Chucky is ready for anything that the girl died and did not dare to interfere in the Affairs of her lover. This time, Chuckie is strong, and no one can stop him. Nicky for his return threatens to turn into trouble, right here in the hospital, she felt calm, felt secure and didn’t think about the consequences that could experience for yourself. Timely intervention of doctors allowed the girl to stay alive, but the appearance of a terrible toy again threatens to disrupt the idyll. From time to time it has in memory is muddy picture, but she didn’t hurry them to discuss with anybody. It took her four years to forget Chuckie and his actions forever. Surely here he’ll get it?


Nicky knows that the death of his relatives blame her, she was the main suspect, and only the confinement in a psychiatric hospital helped her to avoid arrest. Doctor was hoping she will forget about the mythical Chucky, but all methods of treatment are futile. Girl still assures the all, that he there is, bringing people the danger. After the death of patients and medical personnel, a thorough investigation is conducted, but it is not possible to determine the causes of their death. To help Chucky decides Tiffany, hungry for blood and revenge, Nicky is left alone with danger. Terrible dolls poisoned her past, she will not allow their influence in the present.

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