Dimon JP Morgan stands opposite trump’s politicians on the branch of the guys from the guardians

Dimon JP Morgan stands opposite trump's politicians on the branch of the guys from the guardians

Jamie Dimon, Executive Director of J. P. Morgan, has become one of the last business leaders to speak opposite President Donald trump’s politicians on the migrant children’s branch from their guardians on the USA-Mexico border.


In an internal Memorandum of Dimon referred to the approval of the business round table , which is referred to a branch of children from their caregivers “inhuman” practices which are “contrary to the South American values.”


Business Round table is the connection of the heads of the great firms of the United States. Dimon in real time, heads the group.


“I fully agree” with the statement, he wrote, adding that his ” heart goes to the affected families.”


Dimon also called for a comprehensive immigration reform.


“We need to straighten out our immigration problems-it tears up our political corpse and harms our economy … The conclusion of these tasks, absolutely, will initiate the economy and will undoubtedly help these firms, like ours, to recruit a tremendous talent, but actually more fundamentally, it will reflect our South American and the main human values of loyalty, decency and mutual respect,” he said.


The political figure of the trump Administration was met with wide criticism from not only Democrats, but also members of his personal party and international organizations.


To begin with, the human rights group Amnesty International criticized the political figure of the trump Administration: “this is not actually something else, like torture. The relentless spiritual torment that officials are maliciously interfering with these families for coercive purposes means that these acts correspond to the definitions of torture as in South American, for example, and international law,”said Erica Guevara-Rosas, Director of Amnesty International in America.


Legislators and functionaries are true that, in fact, trump has the ability to finish the political figure of division now, but the President has sent Congress to pass a bill that will put a lid on the practice, and yet will put into effect its own tough proposals for the protection of limits. Trump has not shown willingness to finish the practice himself.



Dimon JP Morgan stands opposite trump's politicians on the branch of the guys from the guardians

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