Elizabeth Holmes screwed over the media?

Elizabeth Holmes screwed over the media?

For the media, the situation of Elizabeth Holmes was irresistible: a colorful young lady, revolutionizing the blood test, in the Silicon plain no less. Fortune magazine put it on the cover. Forbes called her one of the most luxurious ladies in the world. Time has chosen her as one of the 100 most authoritative people. In CBS News, Nora O’donnell interviewed Elizabeth Holmes for CBS this afternoon.


“Here it is, the celebrity Silicone plain management this unimaginable secretive firm. And as a consequence of this single situation, which the bulk of people could make, was the situation of Elizabeth Holmes,” – knows O’donnell 60-minute overtime Ann Silvio in the video above. “And it was a mythical situation.”


But that wasn’t the truth. This week in the 60th minute O’donnell unpacks “total Scam” in the firm of Holmes, Theranos, and talks with insiders about how Holmes fooled the media and traders, and came under the danger of disappearance of the sick.


Elizabeth Holmes screwed over the media?


Theranos was built around a revolutionary technology that Holmes called Edison, a small blood analyzer that most likely had the ability to arrest a blood pinprick from a patient’s finger and apply it to perform hundreds of laboratory tests. But in the past, a Theranos worker talks to O’donnell, in fact, that Edison, whom he beheld, never worked. Other workers say, the fact that some standards of blood returned contradictory and inconclusive results in repeated testing, and the fact that Holmes lied to Walgreens when she used them, in fact that Edison is ready to use on patients, actually what led to the partnership, which is expected to accommodate the device in any store.


“I believe, in fact, the introduction of global media disk imaging was part of a strategy Theranos,”says the 60-minute Katie Textor, which acted as a co-producer for this week with Howard Rosenberg. “And it started in September 2013, when Theranos started a partnership with Walgreens. And they launched a brilliant profile of Elizabeth Holmes in the Wall Street Journal, and it was built from there.”


Elizabeth Holmes screwed over the media?


By the spring of 2015, O’donnell profiled Holmes for CBS this afternoon. O’donnell talks, in fact, that looking back at this interview, demonstrates ” the situation of unimaginable lies.”


In this interview, O’donnell asked Holmes directly how Edison worked — but Holmes never went into details. O’donnell later asked Holmes about his own critics— and what about those who talk, in fact, that drops of elementary little blood, in order to fulfill all the studies that she claimed? Holmes also did not answer this question.


“Any time you do something fresh, you have to ask questions,” Holmes suggested in response. “And for me it’s a signal such that you actually created something modifying.”


Elizabeth Holmes screwed over the media?


Simulating himself later Steve jobs, Holmes promised revolutionary ideas “pie in the sky” and wore the shape of dark turtlenecks. She drank green juices and promised to rescue Medicare and Medicaid hundreds of billions of $. If the product that she came up with was not successful, the personality that she did, absolutely, was is assured by plenty of popular people, covering the heavyweights of the security of the state Henry Kissinger and the current Minister for the protection of James Mattis, who was sitting on the Board of Theranos.


“She’s got everybody fooled. All-talking about O’donnell. “She had hundreds of employees from MIT, from Harvard, from Apple. wise people in The silicon plain went to work for her. They believed her. It wasn’t just the media. It was the people who gave her $ 900 million. I have in appearance, in fact that was a large number of outstanding, quite wise people who have bought into the myth of Elizabeth Holmes.”


Elizabeth Holmes screwed over the media?


Now it seems that Holmes is still acquiring this myth. She remains CEO of Theranos and only last month wrote to traders with the desire to provide even more — or her almost bankrupt company will end the funds.


But the concern of the media, it is likely, first has raised the profile of Holmes across the country, Textor talks, exactly what the situation is, Holmes is not considered a collapse of journalism. Faster, she talks, in fact, that it demonstrates, in fact, that has the ability to arrange investigative reporting. The Wall Street Journal, which published a glowing note about Theranos at an early stage, eventually unraveled a personal myth, thanks to a months-long investigation by reporter John Carreira.


“This is the task of journalism, is not it?”O’donnell talks. “To expose a lie, a lie of our government, a lie of municipal institutions. But the disclosure of this heresy actually asks for time.”

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