Erdogan said Turkey’s threat from the US

Erdogan said Turkey's threat from the US

Erdogan said Turkey's threat from the US


The danger of Turkey comes primarily from its strategic partners, said Recep Tayyip Erdogan, having in the guise of the United States, which provide military support to the self-defense forces of the Syrian Kurds (YPG).


“Where does the threat come from? It comes primarily from our strategic partners, We can not buy a gun from the USA at our expense, but, unfortunately, the USA and the coalition for nothing give guns and ammunition to terrorist organizations,” the President said in an interview with NTV.


He added, in fact that the USA sent 5 thousand trucks with guns to the Nord of Syria, and this gives a specific danger to Turkey.


Even Erdogan criticized the USA for refusal of extradition of the opposition Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen, commenting on the request of Washington on the release of the arrested in Turkey on suspicion of involvement in the FETO Evangelical pastor Andrew Brunson.


“The USA must look at the steps they have taken, and to observe the contract on extradition, if they wish, so South American pastor Brunson was on the loose,” said Erdogan, adding that the wish actually USA on the release of Branson is illegal.


The Turkish authorities accused gülen of involvement in the coup attempt on the night of July 16, 2016. Gülen himself said about his own non-participation and condemned the rebellion, but the Turkish authorities have urged the USA to extradite him.


In Turkey subsequently, the rebellion was taken in the range of 50 thousand people fired or suspended from work within the 140 thousand officials. Between the detainees was Branson, who is held since October 2016. In 2017, Donald trump at a meeting with Erdogan asked to release Branson, and in September Erdogan made an offer to the USA to issue gülen in exchange for Branson.

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