Film Review: Johnny Knoxville in ‘Action Point’

Film Review: Johnny Knoxville in ‘Action Point’

Film Review: Johnny Knoxville in ‘Action Point’


What if johnny Knoxville and a couple of his jerk companions hurt themselves-for-hell-it TV series were installed at the head of an amusement Park? In return for the protection of the key attention of the owners, guests will be invited to try their luck on the advance dangerous water slides, ropes and high-speed sledging. It’s a lowbrow high concept behind a delightfully brainless “point of action” that was inspired by just a similar deadly trap in Vernon, new Jersey, familiar as Action Park, where it was pretty funny (and almost all the bones were broken), before than a number of lawsuits about her own injury forced her to shut up in 1996.


Knoxville and his team clearly see it as the perfect scene for a fresh batch of maliciously moronic stunts — once out of which was as if so cruel, in fact that it was kicked out by the eyeball’s Knoxville, these, in fact that it POPs out of its own nest when it sneezes — all in service of a depressingly unfunny Comedy that were obviously reconstructed to show as if ridiculous (but not very) manifestations of carnal damage. The star of the “donkey” plays in Washington, the owner of a mixed Park of rest and well-being, in which a bunch of intoxicated under-age young people allow guests to madly expose themselves to the threat in the name of inexpensive thrills.


There are 3 baggage that writers John Altshuler and Dave Krinsky wish visitors to know about this space: first, the district of Columbia has taken a large amount of money and now has the opportunity to lose everything — land and attractions — unbearable competitor, turned into a real estate shark named Knoblach (Dan Bakkedal). In-2, business signifies since then, as more collective opponent under title 7 Parks opend up close. And three, district of Columbia. bound to multi-tasking his fight to rescue the point of impact, taking his 14-year-old daughter Boogie (the wooden Eleanor Worthington Cox, whose work seems to be grinning at all the tricks of Knoxville) for the summer.


That’s all, in fact, what is necessary for this scenario, in order to make a series of extravagantly sick pranks, pratfalls and not to try this household physiological Comedy, for example, try to wrangle the porcupine with naked hands or put acorns in shorts of Chris Pontius and turn the protein on their own nuts. The flaw is that by exposing themselves to a whole given mess within the situation of the founder and daughter sticking together by numbers, they are lying tricks of their own ordinary appeal. Instead of this, that was in charge of buddy Knoxville and the company intend to arrange in advance, and then wincing in anticipation of injuries that bezizbezhno wait “point of action” is represented by these self-inflicted “accidents” as sudden surprises, trying to blind visitors, there are probably some mistakes, but in fact painstakingly staged gags (as when district of Columbia officials to put the sleeve higher pressure on your own head to blow it up from the top of a big hill or when the catapult “suddenly” turns at the last minute, throwing Knoxville in the direction of the wood shed).


Judging by several online documentary short films about the real Park of actions, young people daredevils of the East coast (too young to accept the theory of their own personal mortality) adored that the precedent, in fact, that this space was so unsafe, in fact, that they boasted of their own most treacherous attractions, in that the number of 2-mya, loop for the Cannonball and Alpine slide, which are recreated here in all their deadly threat. To the chagrin, the film (the Director of the television Comedy Helmer Tim Kirkby) is not enough actually that prepares to put the audience on the space of the guests, depicting the guests of the Park as a bunch of Miserables, lured by the obligation of free liquor.


Knoxville surrounds the whole situation from the true, to be seen in the “obnoxious Grandfather” – style of old-age make-up, which in an unusual way makes it look more elegant than osunuvshiysya, hard-to live 47-year — old, in fact that he is now-to remember how it was in 1979, when these institutions had the opportunity to attend, without expressing doubts to be lured to responsibility for their customers healing (at least 6 people were killed under the action of the Park). ” It was something, actually what was called a private responsibility” – talking D.C.’s own granddaughter, embodying probable poor example for impressionable children (not surprisingly, exactly what a movie contains an R Rating).


District of Columbia banks rarely faces without the slot in the hand, while exclusively versprochenen joke connects in itself, a great big brown bear who was trained to achterstraat, in fact he uses beer (the other being the mascot of the Park in a suit of a bear, which can withstand all forms of abuse). Equipped in bad vintage summer clothes (tight pants and short shorts), Washington employees are identical unprofessional. If someone happens to design the shape of actions “Action Point” down on the roadway, clad in a grid of the character of Pontius will be every time to own clumsy-looking axe in his hand, while the other more or least interchangeable.


The key character here is the impact itself, naturally, which looks impressive as it will

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