Friday 13 April: superstitions and superstitions

Friday 13 April: superstitions and superstitions

Friday 13 April: superstitions and superstitions


In April 2018, we will again have to go through one of the most dangerous days – Friday 13. In many countries around the world, the number 13 is a cause for concern. Some call it the number of the devil and death, others just rely on superstition and think that this number attracts troubles and troubles.


In any case, the heavy energy of the day makes us believe in the unusual power of this number.


Where did this date come from?

The majority of our contemporaries, Friday the 13th is associated with the eponymous series about the psychopathic killer in a hockey mask, who on this day began their bloody harvest. But even the ancient Greeks tried to avoid the “dirty dozen side,” because they believed that the number of death.


According to old beliefs this day flock to the Sabbath witches and Lord it over the people, so in the night of Friday the 13th better not be out of the house.


Numerologists claim that the number 13 is a counterweight to the harmonious dozen (12 gods on Olympus, 12 months, 12 Zodiac signs, 12 apostles) and this day you need to be especially careful. By the way, Judas, who betrayed Jesus, was the 13th Apostle, and crucified Christ on Friday.


If we turn to historical facts, Friday, 13 October 1307, was destroyed by the great order of the Templars. On this day, the French monarch Philip IV ordered the arrest of all its members, including senior management. Later they were subjected to cruel tortures and executed, and the award is dismissed.


Omens and superstitions on Friday the 13th

Doctors people are superstitious, so this day I try not to schedule surgeries and other complex medical procedures. Surgeons are convinced that the risk of something going wrong during surgery is doubled.


In “black Friday” is not recommended to make deals and play wedding.


If you fear that this day will bring you misfortune-visit the Church and pray.


For whom this day happy. In General, this day goes quite smoothly. Superstitious people reduce their activity and act carefully, and those who do not believe in mysticism the influence of “black Friday” does not apply.


In some Nations, the number ” 13 ” is considered to be happy. For example, this is a respected number of Jews: once Israel was divided into 13 parts; in Ancient Egypt, the number symbolized the favor of the gods. The lucky number 13 is in China, Japan, Korea.


Spanish and Portuguese sailors Friday the 13th, on the contrary, consider a favorable day for departure. This is due to the fact that Christopher Columbus on Friday began his voyage to the shores of America.

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