Geostorm Trailer #1 (2017)


The planet Earth is in danger — the storm is coming, is equal to the power of destruction which have never happened. It is necessary to immediately stop the elements, because people have learned to subjugate the climate with the help of meteosatellites located in outer space. Fully control element does not work, but the control leads Jake is a talented engineer. With a man for a long time no one wants to work, because his unbearable character becomes the cause of endless quarrels and quarrels. Over the years, Jake does not maintain any relationship with his brother, with whom he quarreled for a long time. Now two relatives will have to unite, otherwise humanity will not be saved. In such a dangerous situation, it’s time to forget about all the differences, otherwise the raging element will completely destroy the planet. One of the satellites is out of order, it needs to be repaired urgently, otherwise the consequences of a global nature will not take long to wait. In such a situation, you can trust only the native person, but who of the brothers will make the first step towards rapprochement?


While Jake is in space, on Earth hatch a plot against the President of the United States. Surely the attempt will be successful? In full combat readiness are special services, but even they are powerless against the rampage of the natural disaster. It remains to prioritize, and what item will be more important-the future of the President or the future of the entire people? The coordinated work of the brothers is under threat, because the interaction at a distance is quite difficult. Men are willing to give their lives for the well-being of men, but this will be the most extreme measure that can be. Will the great engineer be able to restore the cyclicity of satellites, because the only way the rampage of the natural disaster can be stopped. Heroes too late realize that nature does not forgive mistakes, and can cause fatal harm to the whole planet.

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