Goon: Last of the Enforcers Trailer #2 (2017)


The history of the captain of the hockey team nicknamed “Bouncer 2”. He was absent for months because of an injury. But now the recovery period is over, and he again in the ranks. All teammates are cheering for the bully and the bully. At some point, they thought he was gone for good. But this did not happen, so not only the coach, but fans happily meet his pet. On the hockey court will again unfold battles. The matches will be heated by the fighting, which has already become traditional. The spectators at the TV screens, expect every match of the team. Because of its ubiquitous captain necessarily uchudil something extreme.


But not every such meeting of the forehead passes without consequences. Sometimes the victims of his violent temper players come into the dressing room to look like a man. One time a guy walked into his booth. The captain met him with the question – how is your arm? After the events that took place at the game. But nothing good this skirmish did not end. I must say that this athlete is not so cocky person by nature. He’d love to play softer. But, unfortunately, it is necessary to introduce this element of the show in the game. And although he is not as young and hot as they were before, but now would like to behave a little bit softer.


However, if he cease to hold the spectacle on the field, the coaches will stop releasing it into the basis. After all, his violent temper became a kind of chip, which is not only like the audience. The coaches realized that the leadership qualities spur the rest of the team members and instill a fighting spirit in them. So while this guy is on the court, his gorgeous five goals are scoring goals. And they need to win the current season. The main thing — that the captain put up a fight. But will he be able to hold out until the end of the season in such an upbeat mood?

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