Harry Kane hat-trick, John stones brace keys Britain romp across from Panama

Harry Kane hat-trick, John stones brace keys Britain romp across from Panama

Harry Kane had a hat-trick and John stones scored twice because Britain scored 5 goals in the first half and went for a no-heavy win at the 6-1 world Cup over Panama in Nizhny Novgorod.


The victory, the UK’s big win in the world Cup, means they and Belgium, which won Tunisia 5-2 Saturday, will move from group G to round 16.


Kane, who currently scored 12 goals in his last 9 games for the UK, was only the fifth player to score a number of goals in any of his team’s first 2 world Cup games-a day later such as Romelu Lukaku arranged this for Belgium.


Oblivious to the photos posted in the direction of the week, seemingly showing in a different way, Rahim sterling started the front together with Kane, with Ruben Loftus-the cheek starting in exchange for the injured Dele Alli with temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius (85 degrees Fahrenheit) at the start.


Panama, repeatedly warned for physiological protection in the first half, had quality chances in the first minute from Edgar Barcenas and aníbal Godoy, but the rocks scored the 1st goal in the 8th minute.


The lawyer scored unmarked with a head, meeting Kieran Tripper’s corner on the penalty area and bringing him into the impact past Jaime Penedo for a personal 1st goal in the UK.


The barcenas was still 1 chance in the 16th minute, but the bodily strength of Panama cost them 4 minutes later through such as Britain have had a penalty when Fidel Escobar pushed Jesse Lingard when he went to the box.


Kane quietly converted 2 minutes of using, joining Ron flowers in 1962 as the only players to win in the first 2 of the UK championship of the world, and noting in the 1st, they scored a penalty with David Beckham arranged opposite example of Argentina in 2002.


At the moment, Britain has taken off. Jesse Lingard added together amount in the 36th minute, running on the back of the ball Raheem Sterling and turning his right foot from 20 yards into the top corner, the stones scored a personal 2 from the header 4 through a minute later a free-kick, when the personal Title of Sterling was parried.


Kane arranged this 5 goals in the first half added time as soon as he was awarded a fine subsequently such as his grabbed by the waist and kept the shirt for a year. The goal, similar to the 1st penalty of Kane, for the first time in the championship a couple of friends on the team, scored 2 goals in one half.


The pace of scoring slowed in the second half, later such as the coach of the national team of Panama Hernan Gomes came to a colleague from the UK Gareth Southgate on the edge of the dugout and recommended him, so he subsided.


Kane turned out for Jamie Vardy on the 63rd minute, immediately afterwards such as he finished hat-trick, when the shot of Loftus-chick from 20 yards took off his heel and went into the network.


And but the Panamanian Michael Murillo was scoring a goal in the 66th minute, but he was unable to shoot, before he was caught by goalkeeper Jordan Pickford, it was Felipe Bala, who reincarnated on the 78th minute, when he slipped without identification symbols in the area, in order to meet the Vacant shot Ricardo Avila right foot.


Baloy, 37, became the 3rd oldest player to score a personal 1st goal at The world Championship.


Harry Kane hat-trick, John stones brace keys Britain romp across from Panama

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