How to catch pokemon in Pokemon?

How to catch pokemon in Pokemon?

How to catch pokemon in Pokemon?

Pokemon is loved by all, but the capture of the pokemon, especially for a beginner can be very challenging. Yes, there are so-called orbs that contribute to the capture, but it is important to remember that they represent a limited resource. Here mod pokemon go can download the game for Android 4.4 and further detail on how most of these pokemon to catch.


A brief know-how on catching pokemon

This short tutorial will take you only five minutes to read, and the benefits will be obvious. So, how to achieve a good result?


The effectiveness of catching a pokemon depends on several key conditions:


Level pokemon. The lower the CP ( or Control Power), the easier it is to “lasso” a character. To catch a powerful pokemon, you’ll need an additional level of knowledge and skill. The increased power allows them to move randomly around the screen and escape from the trap. But the most difficult to catch the flying, to do this you need to be super-experienced.
Kind pokeball. Depending on the level of the character, you will need a suitable tool to capture. Pokebola available at any level, and 12th level only and they are. For achieving 12th level, the player may have to greatbay. After reaching 20th level, the player can obtain pokebola even more power – the so-called Ultrabay. Well, for the most experienced players, who reached the last coaching levels available masterball – the most powerful tool in the entire game.
Way of throwing pokeball. To pokebol flew as far as possible, the movement on the screen should be sharp and longitudinal. And to save battery consumption, the camera, should direct the center on the pokemon.
After you sent the camera on the pokemon, note on the ring that formed around it. It will become narrower and narrower. And when it changes color and turns green, throw pokebol. If you managed to catch him when the ring was not yet too narrow, good for you. But you doubly well done if you managed to catch him in a narrow ring – this will give you more bonuses.


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