How to choose keywords for Yandex

How to choose keywords for Yan

Keywords are the basis of any type of contextual advertising, and in this advertising campaign in the Russian Federation (Yandex advertising network) is no exception. The effectiveness of your investment depends on the correct selection of key phrases. It is very important to take into account the specifics of the selected type of advertising. And because for starters, let us see, that such RSYA.


Features of advertising impressions

Yan — system for displaying ads in a network of partner sites, Yandex. In fact, this is one of the types of contextual advertising, but unlike the search context, the impressions here are based on slightly different principles, and therefore a set of key phrases should be quite different.


How does the network of Yandex advertising network, Yandex does not hide. For targeting, i.e. determine which ads are suitable for visitors in a particular case, shall apply:


  • Analysis of the text on the site page and its relevance (compliance) with the keywords from the advertising campaign.
  • Targeting the history of search queries of the site visitor, i.e. Yandex offers visitors to view ads related to the subject on which these people have recently searched for information.
  • Retargeting, that is, displaying site ads to people who have recently visited the advertiser’s site. This advertising is aimed at people who have left the site without a subscription or purchase. Statistics show that in this way you can return a significant part of potential customers.


It is obvious that you will not affect the behavior of users, search queries and sites visited by them in any way, these are factors beyond your capabilities. But how is configured your Yan-advertising, depends on what sites it will often appear. The subject matter of these sites depends entirely on what keywords you have specified when setting up the campaign.


Contextual advertising in Yandex search and advertising network: important differences

Often people make a typical mistake-when creating an AD campaign, they simply use the same set of “keys” that were selected and worked successfully when placing contextual ads in search results.


How to choose keywords for Yan

As you know, the keys for contextual ads in search engines are selected mainly from the number of medium – and low-frequency queries, it allows you to save money on the cost of clicking and get their money really target audience.


But here it is very important to understand the difference: the display of advertising in the search results depends on the query that was used by the user. But advertising in the Yandex advertising network is selected based on matching the text on the website page you request.


And here the use of low frequencies becomes unacceptable, so as their presence will reduce number of hits if not until zero, then until any very modest bare minimum.


What not to do

Selection of words for the DCS is based on the analysis of medium – and high-frequency queries, and they should not contain the classic words “buy” or “price”, because these words on the pages of information sites are likely to be absent, even if the subject will suit you perfectly. These phrases should specify the subject of your advertising, not calls for action. And then the choice of sites will be really extensive. And the price of impressions even for high-frequencies in the advertising network of Yandex partner sites is quite moderate due to the large number of sites and high competition between them.


Therefore, if for the search of contextual advertising will be optimal for “buy gloves at the right time”, then the network Yan, the best option will be – “women’s gloves” or “gloves”.


Selection of keywords for Yan — basic rules

How to choose keywords for Yan

the keys for the shortcut reklamierte and the most important rule we described above: we choose the high – and mid-frequency queries, such that it easily was a match on a variety of sites, close to you on the subject. This ensures maximum coverage of the audience.


There are other important features that you need to know to make your ads work with maximum efficiency:


  • The optimal length of the key phrases of 2-3 words. The keys of one word is too short, the removal of inappropriate subjects sites on them is almost impossible to produce, but because this approach you will get a lot of non-targeted advertising impressions. On the other hand, the keys of four or more words becomes an obstacle to the impressions, so as to fit such a long phrase pad will be difficult.
  • Related topics. First, remember the semantics. If you sell, for example, tiles, you will also approach the request “roof repair” and even “building a house.” And advertising of accounting services is very often relevant for visitors to legal sites, and to be shown there, among the key phrases can be included “open IP”, “company registration”, etc.
  • Remember the negative words. Advertising campaign in the Russian Federation suggests that with the help of keys you indicate the subject of your ad. And minus-words will help to cut off inappropriate audience. For example, in order not to show your ad to students and schoolchildren, you can add the negative words “course”, “abstract”, “download”, etc.


It is important to understand that as for search contextual advertising, it is not enough to choose the right keywords in the system and forget about the project until the end of payment. If you want your campaign to be really effective, you need to regularly log in to your account, check statistics, make changes, exclude irrelevant sites, etc.


Of course, optimization of the advertising campaign requires time and effort, as well as knowledge and ability to read reports on advertising campaigns. And if you do not have time for training and subsequent regular checks and changes in the process of displaying advertising, it is better to turn to professionals. This will save you both personal time and money, which, due to your inexperience and inattentiveness, could go to pay for non-targeted shows without the slightest benefit to you.

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