How to improve your site position in search engines

Determination of the position of the site. The improved position of the website prostae ways.

Determination of the position of the site. The improved position of the website prostae ways.

The development of new pages immediately begin to improve your site position and get on the first place for a particular query. Morphological analysis and automatic determination of the position of the site used in this technique are a no-brainer with Seobara. Install it in your browser and You don’t need. Use it only two point “position Analysis” and “Analysis”pages. Everything is so simple that no explanation is required.


All work is performed in the following order:


1. Create a new page and index it in the search engine.
2. Define the query search phrase which, in Your opinion, it is best to find.
3. After indexing check Your website’s position on the request and store the result to history.
4. Take a few pages issued by a search engine in the first place and spend their morphological analysis to determine their key words and phrases.
5. Spend, also, morphological analysis of all words your page.
6. Conduct a comparative analysis of the popularity of words and phrases of the semantic core of the leadership pages and your page with Yandex’.
7. Choose the best word to competitors that are larger than the index of popularity of words with Your page.
8. Choose the best words from your page that are larger than the index of popularity of words with the pages of competitors.
9. Revise the text created page, replacing all the little popular words and expressions on the pay selected in the preceding two paragraphs.
10. Waiting for re-indexing and re-check the position of your page on the same request


That’s the whole technique! If You fail on the first attempt to improve the position and to come out on top ahead of competitors, then the second to improve the position of your page be sure And what is, in fact, complex? Besides, nothing stops You from considering the error from the previous cycle and repeat all over again with the light of experience.


There is a more important factor than the first position in the search query. Imagine if You optimized the page for the query “Blah-blah-blah”? The first place You secured the gun. There is not one web master who optimizes your pages to this rubbish. What for? It is clear that such a request no one asks. All participants of the optimization in the search engines are concerned about one thing — how to find a middle ground. This is a query that is asked by many visitors and which have less competitors on the web.


You’ve optimized words and phrases for a particular search query. But was this optimal query and what it is, an optimal query? Maybe it’s the query that specifies the maximum number of visitors? By no means! These queries have been defined and captured by the giants of the Internet over the popular, mainstream sites, and a budding website with them not to compete. This is not Your level of competition.


Thus, the success of the promotion depends on the competitors You choose. Take the unpopular phrase — and You have no competitors, but the public too. Take a very popular phrase and get formidable competitors, which “don’t move” and, again, visits almost there. How to find the Golden mean and to improve the position of the site? Hardly You have time and money to conduct serious research in this field.


It’s best just to resort to experiment. If the request is successful enough, You need it, at least to “light up”. That is, to appear in the results of checking the positions of the site. If You are not there, change the search query, determine what query are You visible, are probably closer to the first places. Let’s say You found the query on which Your page was one of the first 3 villages Yandex’. Great! Here is something shining. Now make sure you have enough visitors interested in this request. If Yes, then this query for You are not far from optimal and can start working. Guide the entire procedure described above.


Your further actions depend on the results obtained. If all is well, the popularity of Your website will increase. You can choose a more popular phrase for the next stage of promotion, and repeating all of the steps, ahead of the competition for this phrase to go on it in the first place, etc.


The General trend is that You “threaten” on the increasingly popular phrase, bringing more and more visitors. In General, it’s a shorter phrase. Most queries for phrases consisting of only one word.


Even if You took the competitors all the best words and applied them on its website, to defeat them You will be difficult as they have a good position of the website. On the Internet everything is changeable. Changing tastes of the audience and the words that many were interested in yesterday, today almost no demand. There are new sites, and leaders are not resting on their laurels. All keen to move on or to stay on the conquered positions and are constantly improving their resources. So use all the leverage that you. Look at the design of the competitors ‘ sites which You attack, make a design and usability better, use a better slogan, the author’s writing style.


Most importantly — determine PR and TIC of the competitors, check out all the links to them. If they according to these indicators, You are far superior, to bypass them only through better optimized content will not work. But keep in mind that the subject matter of the competitors coincide with yours. This means that all the external links that they got, are for You special value. Trace the sources of these links and try to get them to your site. It’s not necessarily very difficult. If these sources are directories, they are often recorded with pleasure any site without conditions. Thus, your competitors can help You to find more valuable sources for registration. A number of resources ready to give a link to Your website is a popular sites that publish articles from other authors and sources of publication. If You will post your articles on such resources, You simultaneously achieve two objectives — improve to rank your website and receive an additional influx of visitors to your website with these resources. Considering that the popularity of these resources is very high, it is clear that these publications can significantly increase attendance and get ahead of the competition.


Therefore, look carefully where information on Your competitors and use the same. Find more of our sources. These measures will definitely help You determine and improve your website and overtake the competition.



Determination of the position of the site. The improved position of the website prostae ways.


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