How to like pages or how to create a website for people.

How to like pages or how to create a website for people.

How to like Yandex.

How to like pages or how to create a website for people.

One of the most important and frequently asked questions among entrepreneurs bet on earnings with the help of Internet resources, is the issue of search engine optimization or SEO. I must say that the attention is focused on this topic is highly justified. The higher the website position in the results, the greater the number of attracted to your business clients, the active development of your business and, of course, higher profits.


It can be argued that the need of website optimization facing any owner of an Internet site, unless of course he plans to receive financial benefit from the project. Therefore, versatile lighting optimization methods and factors affecting the position of website in SERP, will be very useful.


Yandex is a search system, which occupies the 5th place in the world among the search sites. The task of Yandex is not just to answer the user request, and to do it efficiently. As with any site for Yandex critical traffic. If the program is working poorly, the company that owns it will lose its customers. The latter simply prefer to use the services of the main Russian competitor of Google.


Yandex cannot perfect ready-made sites, but he can “figure out” that the constant loss of visitors indicates that the site is not so good. So, we need to find the site which took the man and where he spent time, unlike the previous one. And if the person still came back to this site, Yandex draws conclusions about the usefulness of this resource, not one that was originally awarded for his confidence.


Thus, it is possible to argue that it is a dirty game optimizers in great measure contributed to the improvement of the principles of operation of Yandex – the system “learned” to analyze the sites based on behavioral factors of Internet users.


This fundamentally new approach to their work has undoubtedly complicated the work of seo specialists. Tasks previously addressed with just a few universal rules (a certain number of occurrences of key words, almost the exact amount allocated for the purchase links and so on) – now failed.


Factors that supported the new, “smart” Yandex were many. SEOs often come to a standstill when, in the analysis of two very different resources, they find them almost equally high position in the results. And the roles were reversed – now the learning need right person. The Internet cleared of trash, and chaos and chaos turn into order, transparency and fairness.


Yeah, maybe the first thought is some regret about this state of Affairs – human solidarity or involvement in the sector of promotion of sites can spur some sympathy for the SEOs set out in these conditions. However, with healthy thinking, suggests other conclusions. The possibility of earning easy money in the possession of a rather poor store of optimization principles, has spawned a large number of those who, after reading a couple of other articles on the topic of raising the position of the site, a couple of days after talking on specialized forums, then fancied himself a highly qualified specialist and have begun to offer their services to companies.


Global change mechanisms analizatoriai activities Yandex has brought not only benefit. At first, as in any case big changes, confusion, even a slight increase. Earlier, despite the abundance of the wrong issue, some sites still responded to high positions in the tops, and even was well designed for users. Now the old no longer existed, and new, effective – still did not work. It got to the point that they themselves are the creators of the new search algorithm of Yandex did not quite understand by what right the site ranked first, the robot like he lived his life, and the people could not control them.


Based on the foregoing, we can conclude: bad for humans but attractive for indexing a website can get in top results. But only for a short period of time. The search engine will soon notice that visiting users do not linger on its pages, will quickly leave a site not using the provided information. So, this resource does not meet expectations and in no way contributes to the support and assistance of users.


One of the options, especially beloved by Yandex — a respectable age website. There is a funny analogy to real life. Rare child escaped games in the children’s sandbox, right? The young website is “stuck” it is this tag about his tender age, he falls under the time filter on any period from a few months to half a year — is placed in the “sandbox”. After some maturation of the site, Yandex releases it under “custody”, allowing to significantly rise in the position of issuance, and starts the observation of the behavior of the visitors of this resource.


How to create website for people.

1. Readable text. Judge for yourself, the simplest words, which are widely used in everyday life, will become difficult to read. Design and harmony is all well and good, but we should not destroy the information content of the website in favor of graphic and stylistic design. In addition to the purely visual submission, the text should – no, must! to be spelled and punctuation is impeccable. You will lose a lot of customers, not paying enough attention to this aspect.


2. Valuable, informative texts that match the query and bearing undoubted benefit for the visitor. The article is called “How to install a program?”, it should clearly and show step by step the process of installation, not vague and convoluted to report the existence of this program in principle, the approximate locations of its location, potential issues when using or analogues of this software. If the topic of your text does not imply philosophical speculation, avoid “water”, try to give a clear, comprehensive answer to a specific question for people.


3. Headings should be attractive, attention-grabbing, clickable, interesting and creative. The higher the CTR of your headers in the search, the higher you will be in search results, the higher will be the ctr.


4. Light, comfortable, not overloaded with the weight of the pile animated images, plugins, scripts page. The quest for originality sometimes renders a disservice to users do not want to lose time waiting for long load, don’t want to waste mental effort to understand the unusual form of buttons and unknown functions. People came to the website for information. If you can get him to dig in a pile of tinsel to search for, it will simply leave your website and go to the place where he graciously give already cleaned of all husk information.


5. Regarding optimization, you must remember the rule: one request – one page. Attempts to “sharpen” the same page under a dozen different queries will not lead to the desired result.Also very important: try to keep the content of your website to fit his theme. The abundance of texts not related to the overall theme of your website, do not contribute to winning the sympathy of Yandex.


6. Buying backlinks. Newly born website with a huge number of “correct” links from good, respectable sites that looks at least strange and suspicious. Naturally evolving resource may not be cute completely to all its surroundings on the Internet. If links to the site should be, they should not appear a lot at once. Links should be different – and inferior sites, and social networking, with quality, trust sites – it gives a reference mass of naturalness.


7. Marketing moves. Various competitions, prizes, gifts, interaction with sites-coupons, and other manipulations to attract new and return of old customers is good for website promotion in General and for obtaining a large volume of reference weight, in particular.


8. Internal optimization. Competent internal linking that can give a substantial increase in traffic, up to 40% of the original numbers on the visitor counter.


Bing – smart search engine daily growing and learning. Not to yield to the car in intelligence, you also need to work on yourself and your website. Build it with soul and care about its future visitors are interested and translate them into the category of regular guests, actively work over increase of behavioral factors, spare no effort, finances and time, and your creation will love Yandex.


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