How to optimize your website yourself

How to optimize your website yourself

How to optimize your website yourself

Search engines are looking for and find the information users need, on the basis of certain rules specified by the developers. Considering that transitions from search engines are the most valuable for any resource, compliance of information of the site to requirements of search engines is assigned the highest priority, and process of reduction of information of the site to such state is called optimization. The requirements of search engines is a multifaceted thing, moreover, is quite variable. Therefore, website optimization is considered to be a fairly complex matter that requires experience and knowledge. In addition, the relevance of information about the processes that occur in search engines, information about external factors and dozens of other nuances is also important.


Search engines can give more than 50% of visitors a day, but to register in them — it’s one thing, and to get to the first page of the search — another. But how to optimize the site for its high location in the search engines do not know many. In this article I will give some tips that will help you to climb higher in the search.


Search engine optimization is needed as air. promotion of a well-optimized site is much cheaper than made anyhow. Don’t bet on that one the right type perelinkovat and ready, so will not go. Everything in the site should be optimized: properly filled meta tags, correctly written text, pictures with alt attributes and title, properly made menu.


Search engine optimization (eng. search engine optimization, SEO) — the complex Mer for raising of positions of a site in results of search engines for certain users ‘ queries. Usually, the higher the position of the site in the search results, the more interested visitors go to it from the search engines.


The search engine takes into account the following parameters of the site when calculating its relevance (the degree of compliance with the entered query):


  • keyword density (complex algorithms of modern search engines allow semantic text analysis to weed out search engine spam, in which a keyword appears too often).
  • site citation index, depending on the number and credibility of web resources that link to the site; many search engines do not take into account cross-references (to each other). It is often also important that links are from sites of similar subjects as the optimized site.


How to optimize the site yourself

* Texts posted on the site are optimized for search engine queries: in other words, include in the text keywords and phrases that are used to promote the site in search engines Yandex, Google and others. There are no uniform rules on how to optimize the site. General recommendations: the main keywords should be included in the title and subheadings of the text, as well as contained in the main part with an approximate density of 5-7%.


* Optimize website design, taking into account the work of search engines. For example, Yandex and Google can’t read the texts provided in the form of pictures. Therefore, if you need search engines to see the text, in any case, do not make it in the form of pictures or flash graphics. How to optimize your website from the point of view of design? Try to make sure that each page has the ability to place a large amount of text, the menu was attributed to the text, not pictures, each picture was alt-tag with keywords or phrases.


* Optimize the structure of the site and the title sections, which should contain keywords and phrases that promote the site in search engines. It is important that any page of the site can be accessed from the main page, making a maximum of three mouse clicks. Otherwise, search engine robots may not be able to get to the pages located in the depth of the site, or very rarely index them. How to optimize the site, if it has a large number of sections and subsections? In this case, it makes sense to create a site map, which will contain links to the main pages of the project. It is desirable to place the link to the site map on the main page.


If your site has a large number of pages, for example, hundreds of thousands – it makes sense to see, and whether all the pages are in the database of search engines? If not all, then it makes sense to move some of the content to subdomains. The fact that for each site search engines set a limit on the number of pages that will fall into the database of the same Yandex or Google. How to optimize a large website? If the site contains a large number of pages, some pages may not be indexed – by placing them on the subdomain, you can increase the number of indexed documents on the site.


The stages of website optimization

1.Definition of key words and phrases. At this stage, a list of queries is compiled for which you plan to promote the web resource in search engines. This is one of the most important stages of the work, because if you incorrectly select requests – all subsequent activities to optimize and promote sites will be in vain.


2. Distribution of key phrases by sections of the site. It makes no sense to promote only the main page of the site or sections of the product catalog – in an ideal situation, each page should move on the site. To prevent documents from competing with each other in search results, they must be optimized for different queries. Under the most popular requests, it makes sense to optimize the main page of the site, under the less popular – the internal pages of the site. General rule: the higher the nesting level of a page, the less competitive queries it makes sense to choose to optimize the document.


3. Optimization of each page of the site for the selected requests: check the text for uniqueness. If a similar text is on another site, rewrite it again before you optimize. Include all keywords and phrases selected for this page in the text on your site. Key words and phrases needs to meet with density of 5-7%, and also need to be present in the title and subheadings. Take a rule for every 1200-1500 characters of text to do one subtitle. Make sure that your text does not become a confusion of keywords – maybe search engines will like it, but people will not read such a text, and therefore the commercial value of the text will be zero.


Analyze the sites of your competitors, and implement their best ideas, which, in your opinion, contribute to their high position in the search. For the best position in the search engines should work all the time, because your competitors also won their matches.



How to optimize your website yourself

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