How to promote website in top 10 google or Yandex?

How to promote website in top 10 google or Yandex?

“The cost of website promotion varies from 20 thousand rubles a month for reference. Complex promotion to do many times more expensive. Links are just one of the factors that influence the position of your website. This article reveals some of the nuances of seo. If you need promotion in Moscow and regions, it is necessary to consult specialists“


The basic Golden rule, by which a new website can appear in top positions of search engines is the presence of unique and useful information. Low-frequency queries a new site gets into the top 10 or 20. Frequency of requests: you can learn using the tools Google AdWords,


At the mid-frequency queries, your website can take quite a good position. To give an example, concerning my website. The article “Choose a template for a wordpress site” was created by me spontaneous and I would not say that it was very high quality at the time of writing ( over the quality of the content of the site needs to work all the time), but nevertheless, on request, wordpress templates, which is the average number of queries per month 5400, the site turned out to be 40 place, ie hit the top 40 just a week after indexing. Target was selected, all locations. When you check – input request and selecting, for example, the Moscow region, the site will still be 40.


So I looked on various queries that have a frequency of 500 or 1000 queries per month, the site held the top 10-20. For example, my site has taken a good position in the medium frequency queries, it stimulates to work on the quality of the material. The position of the site for a particular query you can look at . In fact, a large number of resources where you can check the position of the site, but I first came across this, and although I never was a semantic core for your website, the site has taken the following positions on the medium frequency queries. Data on the 6 November 2013 is illustrated in the figures below:


According to the article “How to work the search engine Google?” not every website can come out at the top of the page, or even appear on the first page of search results. Google algorithms rely on over 200 unique signals, for example, often go to a web page, the title header and so on. Help Google has the articles and answer our question: “How to raise the position of your website?”


“Boost your site’s ranking in search results”


Create interesting content


Recommendations for webmasters


I made the following graph to show most clearly how to promote the site on high positions. The first and important is a unique and useful and well designed content. During the existence of the site this item will be very important. Next is the attendance of the resource. It is assumed that a quality website will visit, it will look for in the search engines, it will refer to increase the TCI and PageRank. The upper stage will be meaningless without a Foundation. On the top of the pyramid is located of the least important factors.




To sum up. To promote the website in the top 10, do the following:


1. Make the semantic core of the site. This is particularly true of companies ‘ sites, if you have a blog and you don’t want to monetezirovat, it is not necessary to make a semantic kernel.


2. Complete the unique and useful material, as well as well apply for your website:


– Use pictures and videos


– The entry’s name should reflect its contents


– Internal optimization of website pages, for example, a description of the site – description and so on.


– Internal linking ( links within a site)


3. Select medium frequency query and type it into a search engine, then click on the first 2 sites and pay attention to the following:


– what is the traffic to the site


– as a formed article or page ( whether images, video)


– are there any comments?


– age of


– whether the links to other articles at the end of the page?


4. Pay attention to the previous points, and how they coped top sites, then write unique material or make a high-quality rewrite articles. For example, you are promoting a campaign for installation of Windows and the top positions are occupied by sites that have good articles, and which is already optimized for a particular medium or high frequency query, you can do a rewrite of this article. The rewriting is the rewriting of text in your own words.


Good luck, I hope this material will be useful for you to promote your websites to high positions.



How to promote website in top 10 google or Yandex?


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