How to raise a website in Google search?

How to raise a website in Google search?


How to raise a website in Google search?


The question of how to raise the site in Google, so popular that from the abundance of information beginners, and experienced craftsmen, are often lost in decision-making. It is not always clear what tools to give preference in the promotion process, which the algorithm uses a search engine to give money for promotion or look for free ways.


The key is the role of individual attitude, why not work with only one tool — suitable for promotion creatively.
By what criteria estimated level of promotion of the individual resource.


Highlight several ways:


  • Behavioral factors.
  • The actions of the people on the page.
  • The real attitude of the visitors.
  • The current reference weight.
  • The position of the TIC and PR.
  • The number of visits and other factors.


Before you can raise the site in search Google, get ready for hard work. You should have a clear understanding of what actions and with what purpose you produce.


Beginners in the field of SEO-promotion often spend a lot of time on promotion, but in the end do not achieve results. Cause — lack of necessary skills.


How to raise the site in search Google: common questions

How to raise the site in search Google: common questions

The next task after the placement is the promotion of resource according to the requested key queries. The main attention is paid to Google, which unlike Yandex is an international platform and provides promotion among the millions of people around the world.
How to raise a website in Google search? Note that each system has its own algorithm, which is applied when selecting the TOP 10 resources for a user-entered query.


The results are affected by a number of factors:


  • Competitiveness.
  • The quantity and quality of material.
  • Behavioral factors.
  • A number of external and internal links.
  • The proper placement of key words and design.
  • Download speed and other aspects.


To say exactly what resources are preferred for search engines is a complex task. How to raise a website in Google for free? Come to the question of promoting comprehensively, using all available options and observe the results.


While the main emphasis back on the content, which are the main qualities:


  • Uniqueness.
  • Quality.
  • Readability.
  • Information saturation.
  • The correct placement of key words.
  • The correctness of the design.


Which rules apply and how to achieve success in the matter of promotion, are discussed below. You only need to apply the knowledge in practice.


How to raise the site in search Google: the main recommendations

How to raise the site in search Google: the main recommendations

As soon as the preparatory measures, start to work. But how to raise the site in Google or Yandex in the first place?


Use the following guidelines:

1. Pay attention to the meta tags. When adding an article to specify:


  • Title — the Title that is displayed in the browser and in search results. Most importantly — use title queries, written in the body of the article.
  • Keywords — key queries. In this column write comma-separated words and phrases that were matched with the midrange and bass queries.
  • Description  — graph, where is a summary of the Tex. Note that description must be the key queries from the text.


2. Post only unique content. If you are interested in the question of how to raise the site in Google and you plan to succeed in the promotion, post extremely useful article. Discard of rewrite that make 99% of webmasters. Only copyrighted content popularity ensures a steady flow of customers. In addition, add 5-7 pages of unique material during the week (especially at the initial stage of operation of the site). Eventually, when the Internet site will grow, enough for 3-4 posts a week.

3.Do the headers H1-H6. Placing tags, you solve two problems — provide information for users and for search engines. How to raise a website in Google search? Remember that the article title should generate interest and include used in the text of the query (WOOFER or midrange).

4. Highlight key words in the material in bold (using the tags “b” or “strong”). The main thing — do not overdo it so as not to “discourage” search engine.

5.Do internal linking. Remember that all pages fill the site needs to work together and to be interrelated. When you do this, make the linkage clear to readers and search bots. For example, if the text deals with the topic of how to raise the site in Google, then clicking on the word “promotion” or “SEO optimization”, the user needs to get to a feature article.

Consider the following tips:


  • Use in the role of anchor keywords.
  • Do not post on the page more than 3-4 links.
  • Do not refer to the same material twice.


6.Pay attention to the structure. The far text should be within two or three clicks from the home page. Otherwise, the visitor will be difficult to navigate and find interesting information. If we consider the question of how to raise the site in search Google, there is a similar trend.

The closer the material to the main page, the faster it will index the search engine. If you are promoting a large Internet site with lots of product, then going to the second level you should see a directory with links for all products.


How to raise a website in Google for free?

How to raise a website in Google for free?

The issue of promotion without additional costs — one of the most popular on the network. To raise the resource, examine existing tools, and apply them in complex, which inevitably provides the result.
How to raise a website in Google search?


Basic steps:


  1. 1 Register to directories. Despite the decline in the effectiveness of this tool, ignore it not worth it. In the Internet space works thousands of resources worthy of attention. At your disposal are two options — to act independently or to involve professionals who for a small fee perform tasks on placement.

Note that not all directories could put a link free of charge. Some of the resources operate on the principle of partnership. You place a link on your website and receive a similar service.How to raise a website in Google for free using this method?


Follow these simple rules:


  • Choose a theme directories.
  • Make individual descriptions for each individual site.
  • Work only with “white” services, the pages of which are present in search results, and do not fall under the filter.


  1. 2 Place the platform on one or several boards. This direction is often ignored by webmasters because of the low efficiency. The main thing — to work only with”white” sites, that have a good reputation. Otherwise, to raise the site in Yandex on the first place with the help of such a tool is unlikely to succeed.


  1. 3 Use additional ways of promotion. The options considered promotion, just the tip of the “iceberg”.


For the growing popularity of online use and a number of other ways:


  • Send mailings.
  • Add announcements in blogs.
  • Write posts on forums with the subsequent placement of links.
  • Exchange links and bookmarks.

How to raise the site in Google with money?
In the matter of promotion should not be neglected another option of promotion, using paid methods. How to raise the site in Google quickly and effectively?


Use the following options:


  • Google AdWords is one of the best ways of promotion for people who need a quick influx of visitors to the resource. On the other hand, fixed costs for contextual advertising is not always justified.


  • Buying links. In the absence of knowledge in the matter of SEO-promotion, prefer automated services. Their advantage lies in the automatic organization of an advertising company. You only need the Deposit.


  • Eternal links. The advantage of this promotion lies in the peculiarities of the algorithm of search engines. The older the link the more weight it transfers to the website. If you compare the cost of monthly promotion Internet sites with the purchase of eternal links, the second option looks more preferable.


  • Natural reference. If you ask an experienced SEO specialist how to raise the site in Google search c guarantee, he will advise you on this method. To this category belongs link exchange, publish an announcement on the forums and blogs, buying links in large niche sites. This version of the promotion is free and paid.


Self-promotion (including free) you can spend real. But your primary task is to obtain a theoretical base and application of knowledge in practice. With time comes experience to help you make the right decisions and achieve success.


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