How to set up retargeting in Yandex Direct #2

Famous AGS

Yandex filters are the tools developed by the search system to identify low-quality and irrelevant resources to exclude them from the search. This improves the quality of delivery to users. Under restrictions most often fall pages promoted by “black” methods using cheat attendance, spam, other types of “cheating” search engines. But it happens that the site is filtered by Yandex for reasons far from evil intentions.


How to know that the site is under the filter?

The first sign of possible problems is a sharp decrease in the number of visitors from the search for no apparent reason (disable contextual advertising, seasonal factors, etc.) in this case, you need to view attendance statistics and check which of the types of traffic “sank”. If the transitions of users from Google and Yandex have significantly decreased, it means that you need to urgently check the site for the use of search engine filters.


On the features of the Google search engine, we will not stop here, we will only notice that the reasons for sanctions in all search engines are about the same. And the methods of removal from the” ban ” are also similar – most importantly, to identify and correct mistakes.


Checking for Yandex filters begins with the detection of ” symptoms»:


  1. Is the URL present in the search results or completely excluded? In the latter case, try adding the domain for indexing again. If restrictions are imposed on it, information about the prohibition of indexing will be displayed in the information message.
  2. Check the positions on different requests. Is there a sharp “drawdown” on 10, 20 or more positions? Write down these requests-the sections related to them are under sanctions.
  3. Site “sagged” on all requests and very noticeable? Remember, have you recently been fond of buying links? It is very similar to the” symptoms ” of the sensational Minusinsk algorithm.
  4. The resource is indexed, but not in search of it? There may be different reasons – “adult” content with a configured family issue, the presence of an affiliate, i.e. another domain that completely or almost completely duplicates information from your (common options in the commercial sphere), etc.
  5. Significantly lowered position in the search results or even missing from it some pages? We must seek the cause in the possible duplication of content and snippets (SEO data), perespal and other problems with the content in the problematic sections.
  6. The imposition of sanctions is evidenced by a sharp zeroing TCI (thematic index of citation, numerical parameter “weight” and utility).

It is important to understand that young domains (up to 6 months old) may have 0 TCI, and some sections may be missing from the index for reasons unrelated to rule violations. Simply indexing may not be complete yet. But if all the indicators were on top, and then some of them or all of a sudden “sagged”, your site was under the filter Yandex. To understand what the problem is, it is necessary to understand the most famous algorithms.


I’ll sleep.

One of the most common problems faced by webmasters. The first “call” – a resource on a particular request” subsides ” by 10-15 points or more. Try to formulate the request a little differently. If positions immediately increase, and on any other relevant requests delivery as it should be, the problem was confirmed.


Treatment: Reduce the number of occurrences of the key phrase in the text and wait for indexing.



How to set up retargeting in Yandex Direct

A phenomenon that is less common, but still relevant. In the text too much emphasis bold or italic, excess anchors (references) in the text, often there are disagreed proposals (“key requests” poorly inscribed in the text), and so on.


Sudden loss of positions (by 20-30 points) for one or a group of requests.
A sharp decrease in traffic from the search.
Site analysis filters Yandex perespa is as follows. Compare your project with a competitor who is somewhere in the 5-10 positions above.


This would require the design of a search query: < query> ( | site:


If the competitor is higher for each selected request, it is likely that you have over-optimized content.


Treatment: Rewrite the text with human language so that it is easy to read. Remove the selection except where they are needed for people, not search engines.


“New” algorithm or ” untitled»

This version of the search bot for unknown reasons and did not get his own name and remained “new”. In fact, it is virtually identical to overoptimization, but it works with resources where such a problem is common for all content.


  • Throws from from the TOP 100.
  • In search of the project falls very much (50-100 or more positions).

Check, under the filters of the site in Yandex, for the “new” algorithm can be exactly the same method as for overoptimization. Only the difference in results will be significantly greater. And queries that are not under the filtering algorithm may not appear at all.


Treatment: change all content to readable. Get rid of the excess key phrases, secretions, etc. After indexing the resource will begin to gradually return closer to the Top. Deal this long – almost as for a new domain.


Reference explosion

How to set up retargeting in Yandex Direct

This reference filter is dangerous only for fans of buying links and people engaged in “black SEO”. When detecting a significant increase in reference weight in a short period of time, the factors of reference ranking cease to be taken into account and affect the position of the resource.


To avoid problems, you should be very careful to build external reference mass, to do it gradually, in small portions, mimicking the natural.


Treatment: time will help here. And the refusal from the purchase of reference weight in large quantities.



This sensational algorithm appeared after Yandex returned a significant part of the” weight ” to external links (who does not know, there was a period when they tried to build the output without this parameter). But to improve the quality of external citation added Minusinsk algorithm.


Punishment is imposed:


  • Projects with a very high percentage of the purchased reference weight (40% or more);
  • Resources with a very large number of such links (over 500 pieces).

How to check the website to filter the Minusinsk Yandex:


  • Almost all requests (except for some low-frequency) sagging in the issuance of 15-20 points or more;
  • A sharp decline in traffic;
  • The problem is present on all pages and subdomains.

In the presence of such symptoms, it makes sense to remember which SEO-links in what terms were purchased, check the reference weight (search or aggregators, where you bought the links). If in doubt, you can try to write to the technical support of the search engine.


Treatment: Complete abstinence from purchases of external link weight. Remove all of that had to buy before, and write in support of Yandex’s letter about what the error was realized and corrected. We ask to speed up indexation if possible. If it does not help to check again, to remove yet more backlinks, to write again.


Time to get rid of problems: from 1 to 3 months, sometimes longer.


Cheat behavioral factors

In this case, to find out whether the site fell under Yandex filters, it is enough to see that the domain is outside the index and search results in General. Think about whether to deal with cheating.


How to set up retargeting in Yandex Direct

Most often, the” ban “fall” black ” optimizers in the case of insufficient caution, as well as novice webmasters who took advantage of the “aggregators of traffic.” Search ban punished:


  • for an artificial increase in attendance;
  • for cheat behavioral factors;
  • cheat of transitions from search engines for SEO links.


As a result, the resource is completely excluded from the search. If there is any doubt, technical support will give a definite answer.


The term of withdrawal from sanctions is very long (from 9 months) and without a guarantee of the result. Takes a long correspondence with the support of a search engine. In most cases, it is easier to make a new project.



Affiliate – filter Yandex sites, imposed in the case of detection of web resources with very similar content. Most often, this happens when a company creates two or more resources to displace competitors, i.e. one is like a “branch” of another. In this case, one of the domains to be excluded from search results.


To accurately determine the Affiliate, in the search engine, try to write this construction: lang: ru ~ ~ domain: ua << ( / url:


Check the results-when you affiliate you will be able to find only one of the domains.


Do what:

  • place projects on different hosts;
  • change the structure and content (even if they are less similar to each other);
  • use different promotion strategies.

The optimal solution is to create affiliates with different semantic core. Then they perfectly complement each other.


Aggressive advertising

How to set up retargeting in Yandex Direct

Intrusive pop-UPS, banners and window “allegedly” message, animated large or overly colorful banners and other annoying of all the “horrors” Yandex tries to remove from the search. If you agree to such advertising option, you are in a high – risk zone.


How to find out that the site fell under Yandex filters because of advertising? To look at the pages “dropped out” from search, to see there the placed advertizing. It’s obvious.



Treatment: Remove all the flickering and pop-UPS, banners and wait for indexation.


Adult content

In this scenario, the project drops out of the results only when you configure the “family issuance option”. Check the presence of links to your resource in the presence of “checkboxes” on the family version of the issuance and without it.


Sometimes under this algorithm fall sites that do not actually have “adult” content. Check “anchor” links: most likely, some of them lead to “adult” content. If not, write to tech support.


The same snippets

“Disease” of many online stores-search snippets, i.e. sets of information in SEO tags (tittle and description) are almost identical.


Website verification on Yandex-snippets:


  • “sank” positions on one or more requests;
  • in online stores, the first “suffer” product cards, followed by the category.

Enter a search string in the following syntax: <query> <page url> &rd=0


Or use the “show all”button. In any case, the search results will show you which pages the search engine considers to be the same.


Cure: change the text in the description and wait for indexing.


Famous AGS

How to set up retargeting in Yandex Direct

And finally, we will discuss the widely known filter Yandex AGS. It is advised to check for it article resources, as well as online stores and any other web services, where it is possible to fill non-unique content and other tricks used by the owners for maximum savings.


The acronym stands for several brutal – “antigoneia”. The reason lies in the fact that the colloquial name under the reduction of the HS has become a commonplace of SEO professionals and has become a familiar term.



The HS refers to projects with low-quality content, designed to sell links. Texts on such resources are often illiterate, are almost always used by rewriting (a unique retelling of) other people’s articles, or even copy-paste, i.e. non-unique texts. Many external links, often anchors do not even correspond to the subject of the article, etc.


How to check the AGS:


  • TCI = 0, although the domain is more than 6 months;
  • a significant drop in attendance from search.

The most common victims of the AGS is the so-called article resources.


Treatment here is only one thing: rewrite the content, make it high-quality and useful. Get rid of external links. If the resource was created for the purpose of selling the reference mass, it is easier to forget about it and make a new one. The output from the ACS takes as much time and effort.


How not to get under the Yandex filter

For high-quality, interesting and necessary for users of web projects search engines algorithms are not terrible. If you follow exclusively “white” methods, pay attention to the quality of content, work competently with the SEO core, regularly update content, add articles, news and useful information, Yandex search filters are guaranteed to bypass you.


But if you are a victim of your own inexperience or unscrupulous promotion specialists, and suspect that you have been imposed Yandex filters, signs of different variants of sanctions are already known to you, and you can and should fight with most of them. Fix the bugs and don’t repeat them again.


If your resource is in a difficult situation and the usual error correction does not help, you should contact the experts. We are ready to assist in determining whether the site is filtered in Yandex, withdrawal from sanctions or simply in making a decision whether to do it or better to start all over again.

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