How to set up retargeting in Yandex Direct

How to set up retargeting in Yandex Direct

The Yandex search engine offers website owners a wide range of modern marketing tools, one of which is retargeting in Yandex Direct. This type of contextual advertising on thematic sites, which the system shows only to those users who have recently visited the pages of the advertised site.


Moreover, you can define clear conditions for the display of such advertising. This may be the implementation of certain goals (purchase, subscription) or the potential client’s refusal to achieve them at any stage. And retargeting gives another opportunity to lead the visitor to the desired goal.


Remarketing is a similar tool that Google offers to advertisers. Remarketing appeared even a little earlier than Yandex retargeting, and therefore often when describing this type of advertising mistakenly uses the term “remarketing Yandex Direct”.


The possibilities and principles of retargeting and remarketing are not much different from each other. The main difference is in the settings interface, as well as in the existing analytical tools. Here Yandex and Google, as always, offer several different solutions. And in this article we will talk about how to set up retargeting in Google AdWords.


Who is the right retargeting and how it works?

This type of advertising allows you to convince visitors to your site who left it without buying, to return and evaluate your benefits again. With this advertising, you can recall the order, which was not fully decorated, and offer additional discounts and promotions. You can show products that the visitor was interested in or similar to them, and also interest the buyer special conditions. And you can even offer another purchase, demonstrating the presence of related products. For example:


  • The visitor started the checkout, but never completed. Remind him about it with the help of advertising on the thematic platforms that he visits.
  • The visitor viewed the catalog in the online store, but never made a single purchase. Offer him discounts, lure stocks, surprise particularly attractive conditions.
  • Did the client buy a mobile phone? Continue it cover, memory card, monopod.

As you can see, Yandex Direct search retargeting is an effective tool that, with the correct implementation, will be able to convert part of the “failures” into past buyers. And such advertising is suitable, first of all, online stores, as well as various business sites with high attendance and a wide range of goods and services.


Important: Yandex Direct retargeting is suitable for sites of any subject except for medical sites, as well as for the subject of “adult only”.


Retargeting Google AdWords: setting up your ad campaign

How to set up retargeting in Yandex Direct

The first thing you need to do to work with retargeting is to install Yandex Metrics on your Site. Make it very simple:


  1. Create an account in Yandex or authorize, if you already have Yandex mail or you use any other services from Yandex.
  2. Go to Yandex. Metric ( And click on “Add counter”.
  3. Fill in the fields in the form that opens, get the meter code and install it on your website.

More detailed instructions for installing and setting up the metrics you’ll find in the help sections Yandex. And we are back to setting up retargeting Yandex Direct.


In Yandex.The metric you need to be sure to specify targets for the counter or segments. It can be:


  • visiting the shopping Cart page;
  • page clearance request or order;
  • the page with gratitude for the made order is opened.

Also, make sure that your advertising campaign included ads displayed on the advertising sites Yan. Very often, when you set up search contextual advertising, they are disabled. And without this” flag ” retargeting advertising will not work. Verified? If everything is in order, proceed directly to setting up retargeting.


Go to the ad editing page. Here you can change the existing conditions or add a new one. You can also specify a note to be displayed in the main menu. You can also access the add / edit terms from the My campaigns page.


If the counter for the site was received under the same account under which you create an advertising campaign, access problems will not arise at all. The counter will be displayed immediately when you select a site.


But often there are situations when the Metric counter was set by the owner of the resource, and the campaign is conducted, for example, by a third-party specialist. And then you need to manually add the site counter, which is enough to click on the button “Access to the goals”, which specify the site, Yandex counter number and data to confirm the validity of access (login/password).


The ability to use access Metrics of different sites allows not only to conduct different advertising campaigns from one account, but also to “relink” several stores within the advertising campaign, which is often used by advertising agencies.


Goals and segments in your targeting-advertising can be a lot different. They will complement each other, resulting in the segmentation of customers based on information about them and behavior on the site can be from extremely soft to very hard, where random impressions will be almost completely excluded. The only thing that is impossible is to create a campaign without restrictions and conditions.


And the conditions here are only three: “goals Not achieved”, “achieved in part targets”, “achieved everything.” It is these conditions that will be assigned to each target to determine whether to show the ad to the visitor.


At this stage, you need to select and clearly specify the goals that will be automatically “pulled up” from the counter Yandex.Metrics bound to the site. The purpose for retargeting is a certain page of the site on which the visitor should visit.


So, the man who started to place an order at least once will go to the recycle Bin. And the full registration of the order usually ends with the page “Thank you for your purchase”. If you place an order or send a message through feedback, special pages with notification of successful action and gratitude for the appeal are also opened. All these pages can become your goals for setting up retargeting in Yandex Direct.


It also specifies the period during which your ads will be displayed. I.e. how many days after a visit to the website can demonstrate your ads. In most cases, it makes sense to leave a maximum period of 14 days. Short-term impressions (3-5 days) make sense only in case of short-term promotions and special offers.


It is also important to pay attention to the possibility of segmenting the audience for ad impressions. You can make a portrait of visitors who should be pushed back to your site. For example, you can specify the gender of visitors, the source of the transition (social networks, search results, other sources), and even the device from which the person came to your site and the operating system of this device.


For example, to stimulate the sales of mobile apps for IOS, it makes no sense to show ads to users of Android devices who visited your site out of curiosity or by mistake. And advertising joining the group on Facebook will be especially interesting to those who are regular visitors to social networks, and your site also moved from the social network. All these and many other settings goals and segments can be set in a simple and convenient form.


Groups can be combined with each other using the logical operator “And”. Thus, you can set goals and specify the segment of visitors as accurately as possible.


For example, if you want to show ads to those who added items to cart, started ordering, but left the site without completing the purchase, then the conditions can be as follows:


  • Group 1. We have achieved at least one goal – we visited either the shopping Cart or switched to ordering.
  • Group 2. The goal is not achieved – the client did not reach the page with gratitude for the order.

So you accurately identified the visitors who will see the ads. They visited the “Cart” page you may have moved on to “checkout”, but never appeared on the page “Thanks for ordering”, i.e. the order was not completed.


Similarly, it is possible to segment visitors on different grounds, also with the application of the “I”.


Once you are sure that you have not forgotten anything, you only have to click on the “Save” button and the configuration is complete.


Tip: it is important not only to choose the right target audience, but also to create the right ad. Work here the same rules as for advertising Yan, but because – don’t forget about the pictures, they attract maximum attention.


Retargeting efficiency: a few tips in conclusion

We sincerely hope that we were able to tell in sufficient detail how to set up remarketing in Yandex Direct. In this, in principle, there is nothing complicated. And if something is left “behind the scenes”, detailed help on the question you need can always be found in the help sections Yandex.


It is important to understand that the most difficult thing in setting up retargeting is not technical nuances, but a clear understanding of the target audience, knowledge of whom it makes sense to show this type of advertising, and who of the visitors will not return to the site in any case. It is also very important to properly create and configure the ads themselves for display in the advertising network, pick up key queries for them and write a short text, add a picture that will help to attract buyers. Thus, it turns out that the main difficulty lies in the plane of Internet marketing. And in this you will be able to help only an experienced professional. Moreover, remarketing, in principle, is the most interesting tool for trading platforms with high attendance, where any error in the settings of advertising will entail not only empty advertising impressions, but also a very significant lost profits.

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