How to withdraw the site from under the filter search engines.

How to withdraw the site from under the filter search engines.

How to withdraw the site from under the filter search engines.In this small article I want to talk about such an unpleasant situation for site owners, how to hit the website under some kind of filter search engines and how to get out from under those filters. Very bad situation when website put a lot of effort, time, money, and then BAM, and the site got under the filter.In fact, bring the site not such a difficult task as it could seem. First you need to understand what is the logic for the search engine felt that with a site something, and what the filter makers wanted to achieve by making this filter.


If the site manually measures are not taken then problems less. The filter is applied automatically, and removed automatically, just need to fix something that is not like the search engine. And to fix why your site is not worthy of a place in the results you need to understand the algorithm of search engine.


Very often, due to the different filters of the search engines index out quite decent sites for different reasons and sometimes mistakenly. But I think just from the index took off, then what reason is. The algorithm of the search engine just doesn’t work like that, but if it worked, the recommendations in this article should help. No one, of course the website and the website is made for people.


No one clear answer to the question of why the site got caught in the filter, does not. The reason clearly is that you do not notice the owners of the sites. You need to look for what is wrong, to give up, never need. Not solved problems do not happen.


The reason, as a rule, should be found in the website. The most common problem is the repetition, i.e. a duplicate content on different pages of the website. Another reason is a large number of external links from the site. As well as substandard resources referenced by a website – they are either under the filter or an entirely different subject. One of the common causes – more engines of the websites which is able to generate hidden from human references, but visible to search engines.


When all the flaws in the website will be fixed – just have to wait when the search engine robot will come and reindexes the site, you will understand that everything is in order and will remove the filter. But it will take some time. Remember that some problems may not be noticeable, and fixing them will take time. A drop their websites and begin to create their child to a new domain. This is not the way out.


Recommendations for the withdrawal of the site from under the filter.

Below I will give some good advice on how to bring the site under the filters of search engines. I think many, following these recommendations will bring your websites in good positions and will no longer break the rules.


Changes in the structure of the site.


It’s quite a challenge for beginners, but there’s a lot of keys. Popular WordPress engine, for example, a typical structure, which is more a minus than a plus. You need to configure it before indexing in search engines.


It is the best option when a large number of static pages and less generated. The websites are made in pure html much less likely to fall under the filters than sites with dynamic content. This item will include the establishment of proper creation of the file robots.txt since all duplicate material should be closed from indexing in the initial design phase of the website.


Change of website hosting.


Also a very important moment in the life of the site. There is good quality hosting, as is hosting, which are located in a large number of GS. We need to reflect on those who are on the same IP address with your website. Check on your neighbors and if there are bad sites need to move to a higher quality and possibly expensive hosting. In fact, many hosters restrict access of search engines, making it difficult to indexing and website promotion on the Internet. Another important point is the geographical location of the hosting.


Work on external links.


There is a view that the large role played by internal optimization and external links to the website of little help. Of course, an internal optimization is very important, but without external references is not much progress. How to choose the donor site? There are several options: take a number or take the quality. I would choose the second option. This is an expensive option, but it will definitely help bring the site out of the filter. It is advisable to link to you sites is present in Yandex catalogue or the Yandex news.


Work on the content found on the pages of this website.


You need to follow the uniqueness of the content on the website. Copied from other sites material to anything good will not. But from the index for non-unique articles on the site search engine can not erase.


If the filter is already imposed on the site are advised to do a little work on the texts. You can host a number of great articles that will interest your users and visitors. Some seo experts advise to completely rewrite all the articles on the website, but I would recommend to rewrite only the main sections that you have the most internal links.


Improvement of behavioral factors.


Developers of search engines are trying to use in the distribution of seats in the results of behavioral factors. It seems to be simple, if visitors spend a lot of time on the website and navigate to other pages, the site is good. If you go to the site immediately leave the site bad. It only seems so, but the situation is different. The visitor went to the site found the necessary information and closed the site. Is the website wrong? No, on the contrary turned out to be a useful site and why the visitor to navigate to other pages if necessary has already been found. Behavioral factors developers will still have to work.


The closure of the site from indexing.


It’s pretty radical, but in fact a very effective method. You need to remove the website from the panel of webmasters and robots to prevent indexing of the site. It will take some time, the website will disappear from the cache and re-enable to crawl the site. Then add the site in webmaster panel and observe how things are indexed. This method has helped many webmasters to bring page in the index and, accordingly, to get out from under the filter search engines.


Correspondence with support.


Usually from those support come standard reply, but in any case, you’re doing everything for the good of his beloved site. They need to write after any change done on the website. If you think that on the website all the problems are solved, then write them until you will not get an answer about that soon, all pages will appear in the search.


Using the above written recommendations have been withdrawn from the filters of search systems, a huge number of sites. Make quality sites and you will have a good relationship with search engines. I wish all the webmasters do not know the problems with the filters of search engines, and if you got there to go back to the index in a good position.


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