How to write SEO articles: basic rules and tips

How to write SEO articles correctly?

How to write SEO articles: basic rules and tips

Today, that all texts and articles on the site should be optimized for SEO-promotion, probably knows every site owner and anyone who has ever faced the question of writing articles for Internet projects. But practice shows that in fact, there is a lot of confusion and contradictory information in this matter. As a result, owners of websites and blogs often do not understand what SEO articles are, how to write them correctly, how they differ from SEO texts and what aspects to pay attention to first of all, so that the article is really useful for the project.


As a result, we see a huge number of seemingly promising projects, articles on which turn out to be exactly the factor that, instead of helping to advance, serves on the contrary, a factor in reducing positions in search results. And so let’s understand more about what writing seo articles, and how to write them correctly.


SEO article and text: what’s the difference?

Texts on almost any site, with the exception of blogs and specialized article resources, are divided into two different categories:


  1. Texts for site pages: description of goods and services, information about payment and delivery, features of the company, its history, other useful information for brand promotion and company promotion. These are the texts for the site. And they should also be optimized for SEO.
  2. SEO optimized articles. They are usually located in the sections “news”, “interesting articles” and the like. And serve for two purposes-to provide potential customers with some useful or simply interesting information on the topic of the site, as well as increasing the number of pages and key requests for them, ie for promotion in search engines.

To the main pages of the site, which contains information about products, services and other important aspects of the company, almost always business owners come very carefully. After all, not only correctly selected and located queries are important here, but also the information itself. But the optimization of articles for website promotion is often completely run by CEO-specialist and copywriter. As a result, the distribution of key queries and uniqueness are on top, but reading these articles is often uninteresting.


As a result, visitors who find themselves on these pages of the site, multiply the number of failures, i.e. leave the page for 30 seconds. And this factor clearly shows search engines that the information on the pages does not meet the needs and is simply not useful to users. And all efforts to promote articles either do not give any effect, or even can adversely affect the search results.


How to write SEO articles correctly?

 How to write SEO articles correctly?

Seastation that it is important to understand when writing seo articles: you write not only for search engines but for people. Your articles should have readers, only then the article will be of some use to your site.


By the way, in online stores with a good article section, many readers of useful information then go to the directory and even make purchases. Just because good competent article is an indicator of your competence in your field, i.e. articles are not only for promotion but also as a sales tool.



Let’s start with optimization

Directly optimization of the article site is no different from the optimization of any page:


  • Choose key phrases from the SEO core of your site. This files most often for articles, choose either low – and mid-frequency phrases, which were not included on the main page again or there are too few to search the system “noticed”.
  • The density of key phrases in the text should not exceed 6-7% in General, and for one phrase this figure usually does not exceed 2-3%. In case you overdo it, the search engine can accept such a number of occurrences for search spam, which is often followed by penalties up to the exclusion of the page from the search results.
  • The text should be unique from the point of view of search engines.

Programs and services to help

To check the uniqueness, seo optimization of articles and other text parameters, there are a large number of programs and special online services. The most famous of them:


  •  Programs and services to helpSEO planprogram Advego Plagiatus . Convenient and easy to use program to check for uniqueness. Easy to install on a computer with Windows operating system (almost any version).
  • Service Oh. Popular online service to check the uniqueness of the text, as well as some other parameters. In parallel with the uniqueness of the SEO-analysis of the text is carried out, which will help to avoid the spam for any phrases, including the key, as well as a test for the amount of “water”, i.e. words and phrases that practically do not carry a semantic load.
  • The website One more useful service to verify the uniqueness of online.
  • Service Helps to relieve the text from “water”, i.e. from verbal “garbage”.
  • Project Oh. Service SEO-analysis of texts. Shows the length of the text, a nausea, the density of occurrences of keywords, “water content” and other useful settings.

The most important parameter: info

We have already talked about the fact that right seo article should be of interest to the reader. And in this issue very often there are problems. The fact is that most copywriters, who are usually trusted to write SEO articles, are not experts in your field. As a result, they just read a few texts on your subject in the top search engines, and on their basis create their own article.


What’s next? Reader goes on one, the other, the third, fifth site – and everywhere sees roughly one thing and the same, only because of different words. Of course, he irritably closes sites and moves on to issue in search of what he really needs. Moreover, such articles are usually a lot of “water”, i.e. information that nobody needs, and often there are rough semantic errors. Especially often, some “blunders”, after which a person leaves the site, are found in highly specialized texts, such as technical, IT-topics, etc.


There is the other extreme – the way begins to write the specialist. It is wonderful if a person knows his business at the same time, owns the word and he has time to write articles. And if not? Then it turns out boring, written “state language” article, search engine optimization is very much suffering, because to enter the key queries-also need to be able. In this case, you also run the risk of losing the reader simply because he fails to see the necessary thought in the jumble of ponderous phrases.


SEO stroycapital the solutions to the problem:


SEO stroycapital the solutions to the problem:

  • Find a copywriter who really knows your subject. In the sphere of Internet-rating come from a variety of professions, so – there is nothing impossible. But you have to look. And not the fact that all the articles he will be equally professional
  • Work on writing seo articles for the site with a copywriter. In this case, the specialist gives interesting information, the copywriter writes the text of the article, after which the text is carefully read by specialists, possible inaccuracies are revealed. And only then the article is posted on the site.
  • To master the skills of copywriting. If you are a literate person, well – read, and you have time to study, in the case of writing articles for you will not be anything difficult. There are many courses, including online, that teach you how to write properly for SEO.

Some optimization and readability issues

In addition to information saturation, availability of key phrases and uniqueness, SEO optimization of the article includes the following important points:


  • Beautiful H1 header. The main title of the article should disclose its topic. It is desirable that it should also include the main key query.
  • The presence of sub-headings (H2, H3, H4). The subheadings help your readers navigate the text of the article. And also positively perceived by search engines. But here it is very important to maintain the sequence correctly, i.e. the title of the third level can only go after the subtitle of the second level. But not Vice versa. It is also believed that the use of key phrases in the second-level headings (H2) search engines notice, and further attachments of headings serve only for the convenience of readers.
  • Some optimization and readability issuesSEO cooperationpolitics lists, quotes, highlighting. All this is necessary only for your readers. They should be easy to navigate in the text. If, running through the article eyes “diagonally”, a person will be able to see useful information, he will read the article”from crust to crust.” If not – most likely, will leave the website.
    Important: you do not need to bold (<b> or <strong>) key phrases. There was a time when it helped in the promotion of sites, now – more often even harms. It is necessary to allocate that will interest readers.
  • Apply graphics and illustrations. Practice shows that the text with pictures (diagrams, diagrams, other illustrations) is easier to read and more often. In addition, for each image is prescribed its own tag <alt>, where you can and even need to use additional search words, it will benefit from the point of view of SEO.
  • Keep in mind the tags – fill in the Title, Description and Keywords when placing an article. This is done in the same way as for SEO texts. In Title-the title, and, different from the title of the article, preferably-interesting or even intriguing. In Description-a brief description of what your article is about. In the Keywords is just a list of key phrases separated by commas.

In principle, this SEO optimization of the article is completed. You can publish a new article and hope that it will be favorably accepted by readers and search engines.


In fact, writing seo articles is not as difficult as it may seem. The main thing to remember about your readers, try to write so that it was all clear, and read – interesting. And always give relevant information in demand. But if you are having difficulty with writing any text, it is better to consult the experts. Do not forget to take the time to read what you wrote. And offer SEO professionals and copywriters with whom you work, relevant topics on your subject. After all, you are the specialist in your field. And I know a lot more about him any assistants.

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