In Norway arrested a Russian after a search of the apartment

In Norway arrested a Russian after a search of the apartment


A man born in 1983, detained by the Oslo police on Thursday, the subsequent detection of such an explosive device on the subject, will remain in custody for 2 weeks, is told in the conclusion of the court, transferred RIA Announcements.


“Muslim (full name of arrested person is not established. — Primas’. ed.) 15.06.1983 year of birth has the opportunity to be in custody until the Prosecutor’s office or the Tribunal will not accept another opinion, but not longer than 5 may 2018,” — said in the conclusion of the court.


In the trial transcript shows that in fact the conclusion of the decision subsequently taken into custody such as in housing, where the defendant was located, spotted like an explosive device thing, and the removal of arrest has the ability to destroy an ongoing investigation. The Tribunal does not refer to the nationality of the suspect, only to the absolute name and was given an interpreter at the hearing. The language for translation is not yet named.


Norwegian media reported that the detainee is considered a Russian, a family from Chechnya. It slowed down on Thursday evening subsequently a search in one of apartments in the city of Moscow of Norway. The police called back later notices the fact that there is some actually the victim and that he was important to support. Arrived at the space police concluded that the fact that the man was injured just, but nature of wounds not specified. As follows in the footsteps of the court, the arrested person provided medical care.

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