In the Czech Republic elected the head of the Communist party

In the Czech Republic elected the head of the Communist party

In the Czech Republic elected the head of the Communist party


Members of the extraordinary Congress of the Communist party of the Czech Republic and Moravia (kphm) on Saturday resumed their own Chairman voitech Philip, who holds the post since 2005, told RIA Announcements Joseph Utes, who in the election was a key competitor Philip, resulting in 22 votes less – 143 opposite 165 Philip.


Subsequently, Utes asked the vote not to include him in the office of the HRM, in order to avoid a possible split in the party. As a result, Petr shimunek was elected first Deputy Chairman.
“The majority of speakers at the Congress were in favour of the Communist party supporting the ruling coalition of the ANO movement and the social Democrats during the vote on the vote of confidence in the Parliament. Thus, the composition of the fresh government will own largely left-wing”, – said Utes.


It is expected that the social Democrats will get 5 Ministerial satchels in the office, and the movement of ANO, which won the October elections in the Parliament, is 10. Favorite ANO Andrei Babish previously received from President Milos Zeman carte Blanche for the preparation of a fresh office.


For the first time since the “velvet revolution” of 1989, which overthrew the administration of the Communist party in the country, at the Congress of Communists made the head of the Republic. Zeman argued the fact, in fact that “in the duties of the President comes to the meeting with any parliamentary entity, who invites him to a personal conference.”
In his own concert, which was broadcast by network TV channels, Zeman, not counting the rest, urged the Communists to repent of their long-standing sins, to apologize for those victims who carried the Czech people during the years of socialism. “Repentance cleanses, it is a transition to normal life,” the President emphasized.


“And I would like to wish all of us that the universe would move to the left, but this will require a lot of work,” Zeman said.


In the direction of all the work of the Congress in front of The state house in the metropolis of Nymburk, not far from Prague, in which the Communists sat, there was a meeting of disobedience with the role of about 500 people. Its members held and shouted anti-Communist and anti-Russian mottos, and also disapproved whistle accompanied arrival and departure from Congress of the President Zeman.

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