In the Parliament said that is afraid of Poroshenko

In the Parliament said that is afraid of Poroshenko


President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko fears that he will need to be responsible for their own actions, said the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Happy Eugene Muraev.


The texts MP, Poroshenko is aware of the fact that in case if Ukraine will come to power not by his colleague, the duty will be “inevitable”.


“Poroshenko is not afraid of revenge, Poroshenko is afraid of responsibility. He was perfectly aware of the fact that in case you come to power other political leaders, not followers of the party who are his accomplices of now or yesterday, the duty is inevitable. He speaks about this revenge”, — transfers the text of the Deputy TV channel NewsOne.


Moore even made the offer method to educate municipal officials duty. According to him, this requires a “law on the opposition.”


“In order for politicians to finally become serious, it is necessary to adopt a law on the opposition, in which control functions (should be. — Primas’. ed.) pass to the opposition. The opposition, having an accounting chamber, having control functions, can keep under control the cost of economical means. Only in this case there will be less corruption,” the parliamentarian concluded.

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